Extreme Stories of Gay Sex, Cannibalism, as well as Torture

  • Extreme Stories of Gay Sex, Cannibalism, as well as Torture
  • Extreme Stories of Gay Sex, Cannibalism, as well as Torture

    Mickey, the bartender at the Exotics Bar, silently told himself, Starting a tale right slap bit in the center of the Trojan Battle is something, but landing in the center of Troy itself-- and the battle-- is an additional issue entirely. He guaranteed Lou, bench's doorman- &- baby bouncer: an impressively muscled young bodybuilder, who had wandered in a few nights back, searching for his training companion, and had approved a job deal.

    Mickey and also Lou kept an eye out the Bar's doorway into the wine-dark road, viewing a fight that swirled around the legs of a huge wooden steed that stood a few lots paces away.

    Haven! Refuge! sobbed a person in archaic Greek. Mickey listened to running footsteps, then saw 3 naked figures-- a male as well as two kids-- reach the doorway from the darkness beyond.

    Hey, Lou said, his words-- many thanks to the Exotics Bar's global translation spell-- also coming out as archaic Greek. This is a bar. You can not bring snakes in here. It misbehaves for business if customers see them; they'll believe they've been consuming alcohol excessive.

    Mickey saw what initially glimpse appeared like long eco-friendly headscarfs settled themselves big, eco-friendly serpents, each wrapped around among three, otherwise naked, refuge applicants. And also you two youngsters don't look old sufficient to--

    We're older than we look, stated the other boy. Mother's a little lady; and we're like her, as opposed to being as big as Papa below.

    One serpent, possibly, claimed Mickey. yet not-- He looked as the 3 snakes somehow changed right into one.

    Inside-- quick. Close the-- Mickey screamed as the refugees dashed in. Lou slammed as well as bolted the door behind them. Mickey put the getaway turn on the wall surface. He felt the Exotics Bar lurch; and he knew that Troy was far behind, spatially and also temporally.

    I'm Laoco\u00f6n, said the older guy. These are my twin sons, Antiphas and also Melanthus.

    The Lay-o-coon? asked Mickey, shaking hands with all 3, after that leading them toward the bar.

    After a closer consider the brothers' lean, tight-muscled bodies, Mickey decided they were certainly older than he had very first idea, even more like eighteen or so. To their dad, he said, Then you're the one that tried to warn the Trojans concerning the Greeks in the wooden horse, and after that Apollo sent serpents to eliminate the 3 of you ...

    Is that what they're stating-- concerning the serpents, I suggest? asked Melanthus, as Laoco\u00f6n as well as his 2 boys settled on bar-stools.

    You understand just how myths-- just how tales start. Mickey got hold of a bottle of resinated a glass of wine. He nearly served it straight, bore in mind ancient Greek customizeds, then thoroughly watered each offering.

    Laoco\u00f6n gulped down half a glass of sprinkled red wine, then sipped the remainder. The Achaeans chased us because I virtually convinced the Trojans to shed that wood horse-- with the Achaeans still inside-- as a sacrifice to Apollo. The Trojans chased us since I really did not encourage them to melt the horse. Apollo obtained distressed because His priests are meant to be austere, as well as when their mommy unloaded our two children on me last month-- they were constraining her design, to coin a phrase-- anyway, it came to be all too obvious that I had actually been sowing my oats, to design another expression. Aphrodite learnt the snakes were meant to kill us, however She reached them before they got to us. She has a thing for enthusiasts, especially illicit ones, therefore She ...

    He stopped briefly to pat the head of the continuing to be snake, now looped over his shoulder and also around his waist. The snake scrubed its head against Laoco\u00f6n's hand in a cat-like motion, then dropped onto Laoco\u00f6n's stiffening prong. The twins' prongs were stiffening also. As they, Mickey, and Lou saw, the serpent started sucking Laoco\u00f6n off.

    Not to worry, Mickey stated. We're already millennia and parsecs far from Troy. I'll inspect the controls to see where and also when we are currently.

    Antiphas brushed his very own shaft. Before, they dealt with everyone simultaneously; currently we'll need to take turns.

    Lou said, There's a quiet booth in the corner where you can get comfortable and-- and perhaps, while you're relaxing in between rounds, the serpent might ... He led them away, agonizing out of his tight Tee shirts. Mickey noticed the reserved join the cubicle inhabited by the Bar's mint-green, carnivorous goo now mentioned the warning in antiquated Greek, utilizing Linear B personalities.

    Some minutes later on-- if one can truly determine time in the Exotics Bar when it's taking a trip in between After that and also Now-- Mickey saw a spiritual figure gradually appear-- haloed, winged, and also curtained in beautiful white that really did not quite hide the figure's perfectly proportioned physique.

    No, no, not while I'm on obligation, said the number as Mickey grabbed the seldom-tapped bottle of ambrosia. But perhaps when I've ended up the discussion? Yet initially-- He created a scroll and cleared his throat. In recognition of your recent rejection to fall under Temptation, I have actually been authorized by Extremely Highest Authority to provide you with this. Now where ...

    He groped in thin air and found a white flower holder which held a single white lily. Ah, here it is. For you, a Great smelling Bloom, far more reliable than whatever debased copy of the Genuine Thing that you were formerly supplied by the Enemy and rather correctly rejected. I am sure you will utilize it entirely as well as solely in efficiency of Excellent Functions-- no, no; don't thank me; I am however a carrier for--

    Yes, yes, I understand: for the Extremely Highest Possible Authority, Mickey responded, carefully emphasizing the capital letters.

    You have just to persuade a petitioner to engage of the Fragrant Blossom's essence, to smell at it; as well as ...

    I recognize, I understand. I do appreciate the motion, but as a bartender, I already-- yet again, thanks. Currently, a little libation of Ambrosia? On the residence, obviously.

    Take your time; below's the container. Mickey gazed to one side; one of the barmaids was looking interested. Turning to her, he claimed, Henrietta, given that business is so light, you don't require to be at work either, so why do not you ...?

    ... as well as prior to he finished the sentence, she, the bottle, and the carrier-- whose fantastic figure was showing a lot more plainly now as his drapery discolored into haze and swirled away-- were off to one more curtained booth.

    LOU had just fed his load right into the hungry serpent when he really felt bench shudder to a drop in time and also area. He clambered out of the cubicle, understood he was still naked, and looked to order his clothes.

    No time to dress now-- you'll do fine as you are, Mickey stated, looking up from controls half-hidden between taps for Bitter and also Mild. Lou felt himself blush, looked down, saw that his prong was not only put up, yet additionally still a-drip with his cream, and also blushed harder. He saw Mickey grimace at the controls once again. I don't recognize any one of those co\u00f6rdinates-- in space, time, or fact. Allow's have a look exterior.

    And outside, when Lou attracted the screws and also opened the door, appeared to be a small spaceport, to judge by 2 travel-worn spacecrafs parked off to one side, yet whether bench had actually arrived at a far-off world or in the much future, he couldn't inform: the scene was serene, the spaceport's one road vacant of web traffic-- human or otherwise. Or almost vacant; two males rounded a corner and ran to bench's entryway-- astronauts, Lou chose, by the elegant spacecrafs on the fastenings of their belts-- which, along with tough boots, were all they endured their well-muscled bodies-- and also up to something intriguing, by their potent erections.

    You studs on the lam? Lou asked. This location-- He swung at the within the Bar.-- is developing into a rescue car for nude men on the run.

    Various other means around, said one of the nude guys. We're seeking a huge, potent stud for some research job-- someone like you, if you've obtained a few minutes-- let me present ourselves: I'm Flash Rogers-- They shook hands.-- and this is Dollar Gordon. Lou trembled hands with the other man.

    No, no; our mommies thought it would certainly be a cute idea to call us after those individuals yet they got the names mixed up, and--

    Return soon as you're done, called Mickey. I got ta examine the locator program before we take off once again.

    Blink as well as Buck hurried Lou along the street to a door that expanded to let them in, then snapped shut behind them. Inside, Lou saw a sloping bench. Before he rather understood what was going on, Dollar and also Flash had actually alleviated him back onto the bench as well as strapped him to it by his wrists, upper legs, as well as ankles.

    What the fuck ... Lou growled as Flash connected Lou's balls to the bench with two brief, protected wires and also Dollar ran a 3rd cord from the bench to Lou's glans.

    Now, the important examination, said Flash, brandishing a 4th wire-- this set with an insulated electrical probe at the complimentary end.

    As well as since our subject is perfectly secured, stated Dollar, we can abandon these disguises. And as Lou enjoyed, the two nude spacemen morphed into a pair of erect, purple penises a meter and also a fifty percent high. Each had 2 tentacles sprouting from its sides, two webbed feet under ball-shaped bulges, and also 2 tracked eyes that studied their slave.

    One purple penis swung an arm at a wall, where Flash Rogers and also Dollar Gordon had actually been attached by bands at wrists and also knees. Flash's prong was up as well as hard; Dollar's was limp yet tensing.

    We're the genuine thing, said Flash. These-- these Points duplicated our look after they ended up evaluating our prongs with their electrical equipment. Now--