The Coming-Out Process as well as Its Adaptational and also Health-Related Associations Among Gay, Lesbian, and also Bisexual Youths: Specification and Exploration of a Model

A guide to coming out including what appearing methods, why you need to come out and also points to think about before telling friends and family.

  • The Coming-Out Process as well as Its Adaptational and also Health-Related Associations Among Gay, Lesbian, and also Bisexual Youths: Specification and Exploration of a Model
  • The Coming-Out Process as well as Its Adaptational and also Health-Related Associations Among Gay, Lesbian, and also Bisexual Youths: Specification and Exploration of a Model

    American Journal of Neighborhood Psychology quantity 29, web pages 133-- 160 (2001 )Mention this article

    A version is suggested as well as checked out that links the coming-out process to the emotional performance (i.e., self-worth and also distress) and sexual habits of gay, lesbian, as well as bisexual youths hired from gay-focused community-based and also university organizations in New york city City. The coming-out process is multidimensional, consisting, as specified below, of participation in gay\/lesbian tasks, attitudes toward homosexuality, comfort with homosexuality, self-disclosure of sex-related identification to others, as well as sex-related identification. The coming-out measurements were related to self-esteem, distress, and unsafe sex-related habits. Furthermore, the relationships in between the coming-out dimensions and vulnerable sexual actions were discussed by emotional functioning. In particular, limited participation in gay\/lesbian tasks was related to even more unguarded sex. Lack of confidences toward homosexuality were connected straight to even more unsafe sex, and also they belonged indirectly to even more unprotected sex by means of enhancing psychological distress. These and also various other findings have effects for creating preventive treatments to enhance the youths' mental functioning and reduce their unguarded sexual actions.

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