Thurs, Sept 13 \u2022 Pro Battle Club Live \u2022 Television Narration with Sonya Gay Bourn

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  • Gay M\/M Short Stories Composed By Men
  • Thurs, Sept 13 \u2022 Pro Battle Club Live \u2022 Television Narration with Sonya Gay Bourn
  • Gay M\/M Short Stories Composed By Men

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    Thurs, Sept 13 \u2022 Pro Battle Club Live \u2022 Television Narration with Sonya Gay Bourn

    We're starting the Loss 2018 Battle Club season, with skilled Visitor Manufacturer: SONYA GAY BOURN

    Sonya is a Fight Club stalwart - for which we are ever before thankful, as she is an unbelievably active woman! Sonya is a wonderful advocate on Battle Club, as well as VO skill in general, and also will give you her best guidance to be your finest for TV Narration. She has an excellent ear, and will show you just how to listen for the subtleties that will obtain your audition saw. She's also employed Fight Club talent in the past - though of course we can never ever guarantee that as an outcome.

    Sonya Gay Bourn began her entertainment career as a stand-up comic, when traveling for 5 years, before transferring to Los Angeles to seek a creating occupation. She started composing for ABC's hit Poise Under attack as well as segued in to punching up product for existing programs, and also network pilots produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach. Her very own fifty percent hour pilots consist of Mo's House, co-written with Grammy winning rap artist Kool Mo Dee.

    Bourn left comedies to go after standard documentary filmmaking. Her period with an Academy Award Winning documentarian led her to directing as well as producing \"geeky\" reality programs for The History Network, Discovery, TLC, Animal World, Scientific Research Network, Travel Network, The Africa Channel, FOX, as well as many others. Bourn is called an international expert, producing as well as guiding in the US, as well as actually, all over the globe. Due to her capacities to guide a program from preparation with message, Bourn is typically hired to 'repair', 'spruce up', or 'rescue' shows which are straying from their initial required. She constantly works to rejuvenate the 'reality' genre - utilizing VO in ingenious methods.

    While passing through the freeways, biways, as well as hemispheres of the world, Bourn proceeded creating, and also began to create truth ideas developed around remarkable characters as well as sub-cultures that captured her eye. Bourn has actually collaborated with tender loving care, Exploration, SyFy, Traveling Channel, A&E, and a variety of production business. Present development tasks include: Boombox Rebellion, Caravan of GLAM, The Apocalypse Club, MHU, Hard Target, as well as Strategy Z.

    Bourn recently set up the rom-com Pleased Other half Delighted Life, is finishing her initial altered background story, and prepping for a reading of her initial play. She still does stand-up funny whenever feasible in the display clubs of LA.

    Open up solely to functioning pros with depiction. Newbie participants, please call Tish before registering.