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  • African-Americans Question Comparing Gay Rights Activity To Civil Liberty
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    African-Americans Question Comparing Gay Rights Activity To Civil Liberty

    LGBT legal rights have actually been inspired by the earlier civil liberties activity. Some LGBT advocates claim gay rights are the new civil rights, upseting some African-Americans.

    The campaign for same-sex marriage civil liberties has frequently been contrasted to the black civil liberties movement of the 1960s. Which contrast has irritated numerous African-Americans. Karen Grigsby Bates of NPR's Code Switch over team wished to learn why. She starts with someone who's been wondering about the contrast.

    Is the gay rights activity the same as the black civil rights activity? That is the difference.

    KAREN GRIGSBY BATES, BYLINE: As well as it's a vital one for African-American tv host Roland Martin since, he says, black Americans back in the '60s were extra powerless than LGBT individuals are currently.

    MARTIN: And so we obtain African-Americans in Jim Crow that couldn't vote, that couldn't remain in hotels, who couldn't remain restaurants, yet if you were white as well as gay, you could.

    BATES: Reverend Patrick Pedestrian agrees. He pastors the New Macedonia Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. He claims same-sex marital relationship is inappropriate with his belief, and also like Martin, he doesn't like folding the civil rights and gay rights motions together. Pedestrian believes white LGBT folks have actually constantly had the alternative, regardless of just how uncomfortable, to maintain their orientation exclusive and escape discrimination.

    BATES: Yet some veterans of the traditional civil rights movement differ. Georgia congressman John Lewis is an adored icon of that movement, enduring brutal apprehensions and also vicious poundings in the struggle for African-American equal rights. In a 2014 video for the company Freedom to Wed, Lewis firmly connected both movements.

    JOHN LEWIS: I combated as well difficult and also also long versus discrimination based upon race and shade not to stand and also speak up against discrimination versus our gay and also lesbian brothers and sis. I see the right to marriage as a civil liberties issue.

    BATES: Many white participants of the LGBT neighborhood feel they're indebted to the civil rights movement. Before he was a professor of media studies at the University of Southern California, David Craig was a social networks strategist for the marital relationship equal rights movement because state. On a brilliant, windy day at a pathway cafe near his Los Angeles home, Craig noted this momentous Supreme Court decision came years after one more one. In 1967, the High Court decided for Mildred and also Richard Loving, as well as interracial marriage became lawful throughout the country.

    DAVID CRAIG: That is the basis for which we were able to safeguard our rights today. So as a matter of fact, we owe the African-American area and also the Loving couple amazing gratitude. Which heritage stems from those fights and also those fights. As well as we are just able to be where we are today due to the civil rights battle.

    BATES: Now that the long-cherished objective of marital relationship equal rights has actually been attained, Craig claims white LGBT activists need to reach out to black Americans.

    CRAIG: So we have an obligation currently to count on our people of color, whether LGBT or directly, and state, just how can we help? We need to obtain you to the table. Thanks for aiding us arrive as well.

    BATES: Previous NAACP chair Julian Bond is an additional veteran of the civil liberties activity. Like John Lewis, Bond states African-Americans ought to count the recent court ruling sustaining marriage equal rights as a victory for them too. For something, Bonds claims, there are lots of people who are LGBT and black. For another ...

    JULIAN BOND: We should boast of this. State look what we did. We created a design that other individuals have adhered to, as well as they followed it efficiently. Good for us.

    BATES: To put it simply, Bond states, take that credit, and own it. Karen Grigsby Bates, NPR News.

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