Can You Be a Gay Mormon?

Last month, a Brigham Young University teacher publicly made use of a Mormon term connected with an anti-Christ to strike a gay trainee.

  • Can You Be a Gay Mormon?
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  • Can You Be a Gay Mormon?

    That orientation is distinct from method. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided a number of position statements regarding homosexuality-- or \"same-gender attraction,\" as the church calls it. One of its newest magazines, a 2007 pamphlet entitled \"God Loveth His Kid,\" states: \"If you prevent unethical thoughts and also activities, you have not oversteped also if you really feel such an attraction.\" Being a practicing homosexual can be grounds for excommunication, however gay Mormons that remain celibate can remain to be participants in good standing, allowed to prayer in the temple as well as presume placements of management. (Nonetheless, gay as well as lesbian Mormons who publicly acknowledge their alignments-- also if they don't act upon them-- may face informal disciplinary procedures from their congregation bishops.)

    On the nature-vs.- nurture problem, the church has declined to guess. But though Mormons believe that gender is a taken care of, infinite construct that's set before you're born and also continues after death, homosexuality is seen as something that just exists throughout an individual's temporal life time. Mormons think that after you die, your spirit moves on to a spirit world, taking with it the knowledge and memories it got on Earth. According to \"God Loveth His Children,\" Mormons that can not overcome their same-gender attractions in this life will certainly have their \"sensations and also needs ... developed in the next life.\" The Church of Latter-day Saints locations fantastic doctrinal focus on family and also sexuality, which makes homosexuality a particularly complicated issue for Mormons. Mormons sign up for the concept of everlasting or holy marital relationship-- the notion that marriage commitments executed and also \"sealed\" within the holy place are binding in the afterlife. Section 132 of the church's Teachings as well as Commitments documents God's discovery to the prophet Joseph Smith that those who enter into the holy marital relationship will, after they pass away, \"be gods,\" with the \"angels ... subject unto them.\" (This very same scripture likewise states that these Mormons will experience a \"continuation of the seeds forever and ever before,\" suggesting that these couples will procreate in the immortality too.)

    Marital relationship is thoroughly bound up with the church's principle of salvation: Heaven is organized into a series of households, and also only those Mormons that are sealed in a temple event are eligible to get in the greatest of its three levels, the Celestial Kingdom. Yet homosexuals-- like solitary, heterosexual Mormons who do not discover companions in this life time-- will have the possibility to be sealed to an other half or spouse in the afterlife, given they live chastely and also righteously in this one.

    Explainer thanks Donald L. Boisvert of Concordia College, Michael Falco of the Gay as well as Lesbian Alliance Versus Disparagement, Terryl Givens of the College of Richmond, Jay Johnson of Pacific Institution of Faith, as well as David Melson of Affirmation: Gay as well as Lesbian Mormons.

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