Sean Gayle

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla lets you switch Eivor's gender at will, however when you learn why it makes the game's gay representation messy.

  • Sean Gayle
  • Sean Gayle

    Sean, a personality in the Limitless Summer season collection, is just one of the university student who won a competition to invest a week at La Huerta. He is one of Your Character's love rate of interests. He is initially seen in Book 1, Phase 1.

    Sean has short, curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, as well as brown skin. He typically wears a white and also blue colored T-shirt.

    In Book 2, Chapter 12, if you pick to invest the evening in the camping tent with him, it's disclosed that he's 6' 5.

    Sean is the star quarterback of the university's football group. He is surprisingly modest, as revealed when he did not get distressed with Your Personality for not understanding who he was. He has a tendency to attempt and also \"be the hero\" as well as favors to take matters right into his own hands.

    He is revealed to be an idealist, and also to not consider the bigger picture, as shown in Publication 2, Phase 14, when he focuses on locating survivors as opposed to stopping the volcanic eruption from occurring. However, in Book 3, Phase 6, he will certainly prioritize getting the Island's Heart over saving Varyyn and also Poise.

    Your Personality initially has a vision of Sean trying to assist him\/her in a dream. The university student then bumps into him after he\/she wakes up. He later safeguards Your Personality when Craig and Michelle are joining forces against him\/her. It's additionally revealed that Sean has charming feelings for Your Personality as Michelle charges him of intending to be with the MC, which Sean does not refute. In Publication 2, Phase 1, you can begin dating him. In Publication 3, Chapter 7, if your relationship with him is high enough, he will propose to you and you can either decline or accept. In Phase 9, if you open the shock party scene and also he remains in presence, he discloses that you are his hero.

    Sean and also Michelle made use of to day. They separated one week before the beginning of the story since her sorority sis lied to him that she ripped off on him. Therefore, their relationship ended up being strained, with Michelle sticking onto her presumption that their partnership wasn't over and also acting envious in the direction of any individual who challenges that idea. A challenging choice with Michelle in Publication 2, Phase 12, enables you to motivate her to tell the truth to Sean. If effective, Michelle will certainly tell him the truth behind their separation, and also they reconcile. According to the Endless, she usually nags him to stop allowing his food get cold as a result of his quality of refusing to consume up until everyone else has food. In one of the alternative timelines The Endless revealed Your Character, Michelle and Sean are revealed together (if your LI is not Sean).

    Sean and Craig play football with each other in University. They are extremely friends as well as dedicated to every various other. Craig's Ember of Hope reveals that the two of them will still be close friends after University regardless of their various occupation choices.

    To start with, Jake and also Sean are not very pleasant with each other, which eventually outrages during the argument concerning whether the team should leave the hotel or otherwise, where they have a punch-up. Nevertheless, their concerns are eventually resolved and the tensions are substantially decreased. In one of the alternate timelines that Vaanu shows Your Character, it is shown that he and also Sean care deeply for each other as well as are potentially with each other.

    Tricia Gayle is Sean's mother. They have a close partnership, as well as Sean is distraught at her death in Book 2, Phase 14.

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