A gay story

In a leaked memo, Beijing has said it no more sees games as 'entertainment', but instead as a kind of art that have to promote what it thinks about 'proper worths'.

  • A gay story
  • A gay story

    It may simply be me trigger Im a gay person yet I assume a publication about an appearing story would be a great way to broaden Selections. It doesn't even have to be an appearing story actually any lgbtq concentrated story would be outstanding. With Infant Bump appearing Im simply determined for a tale thats not so heteronormative.

    yeah they claimed Platinum would certainly be a really gay story but it was just selecting the genders of Avery and also Raleigh except the women versions still had the same sex scenes as the male ones

    I really, really hope they learned from their error as well as create separate scenes for TRM women LIs. Otherwise Im denying any 30 diamond scenes since the Avery one was so uncomfortable

    I think that absolutely works! Sexuality is a range so if there are straight people their personality can simply be bi (like all MCs are anyways) and they can date men or women.

    Remember bisexuality is still bisexuality so being bi while dating someone who is the contrary sex does not make you straight

    A MC sided appearing story can be tough nonetheless, due to the fact that Trans individuals can also come out and that experience is extremely different and gay and bi people might have various experiences. It would certainly need to have several storylines and each of which have to be dealt deftly and also sensitively, unsure PB can do that.

    Morever, appearing requires individuals to experience being confused and also closeted once again, unsure that would be enjoyable to play( atleast for me) equally as MoTY mcs countless torment isn't enjoyable as well as appearing isn't always a positive experience.

    A various LGBT focused tale, possibly regarding concerns LGBT people deal with in the real world would most likely a better fit for PB as well as permit straight ladies( their bulk) to still play.

    Yet PB doesn't truly take a great deal of risks as well as is simply attempting to get the chapters target market, so I don't think thatll ever happen.

    agreed. I dislike, despise coming out stories. Its the equivalent of viewing a teenager coming of age flick (with no children present) in your 40s. Other than typically brings up way extra undesirable memories. I want individuals understood that appearing is a really small part of your life in the grand plan of points and life continues afterward, regardless of how well or poor it went. Lets speak about grown-up life after appearing! You understand, what comprises the majority of life.

    I can see why many individuals would love this, yet I can also see why PB probably wont do it. Afaik most of players are staright ladies, and also compeling them to have fun with a sexual preference they cant connect to would coincide as requiring gay people to play as a straight MC. Both sucks similarly, but pissing off most of Choices gamers would certainly be even worse for PBs funds than compeling straight partnerships.

    So ... generally whats currently happening? Because theres not a single publication IIRC where it isn't created with heterosexual love in mind and queer things simply thrown in as an after thought.

    If Im required to play as a lady as well as for that reason play as a straight couple in several of the existing books after that straight girls can make it through playing as an lgbtq participant for one publication

    I do not see why it would certainly piss straight women readers off. Plus theres a big contingent of straight females who are really into MLM stuff for the titillation.

    Wow, no one said you had to play the gay tale, they simply desire ONE story for them. We (Im bi however we) have everything else, besides I believe it would be a prominent idea

    You do not need to force it. Simply provide it alternatives. The game is about Choices after all.

    Lmao are you simply gon na pretend that women LIs do not exist in any way? Practically every book PB has actually ever made has a women LI you can get lesbian with