Gays 'should pass away': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups

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  • Pride as well as Delight: The Marvin Gaye Music
  • Gays 'should pass away': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups
  • Pride as well as Delight: The Marvin Gaye Music

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    Gays 'should pass away': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups

    In Between the Redemption Army's bell-ringing Santas and thrift-store empire, people frequently forget that the global team \"is really a Christian church company with lots of conservative tenets and also a military-style framework,\" says Zach Ford at Assume Progress. And recently, Maj. Andrew Craibe, the media connections officer for Australia's southerly region, advised us of that by agreeing on-air with two gay radio hosts that the Salvation Army thinks gay people \"should pass away.\" The team rapidly clambered to clear up Craibe's comment-- after all, the Salvation Military's mission is to \"preach the scripture of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination\"-- yet this is barely the Salvation Military's first altercation with the gay community. Below, a take a look at the influential charity's tough background with homosexuality and also gay civil liberties:

    1865Former Methodist priest William Cubicle starts the Redemption Military in London, providing his spiritual objective an armed forces structure as well as features, including its very own flag, military-style attires, hymns, and also places

    1986The Salvation Army gathers signatures for a request to quit the New Zealand legislature from decriminalizing homosexuality. The Homosexual Regulation Reform Act passes anyway.

    May 1, 2001An interior record from the Salvation Army claims the charity has a \"strong commitment\" from the Shrub administration for a nationwide policy securing it as well as other religious charities from city and state laws preventing discrimination against gays and lesbians, The Washington Post records. The Salvation Military never ever differentiates in who it offers, says senior main George Hood, yet being required to employ gays \"really begins to chew away at the doctrinal material of that we are.\"

    2004The Redemption Army endangers to leave New york city City if Mayor Michael Bloomberg enforces a new statute requiring all groups with city contracts to provide benefits to the same-sex companions of staff members. Bloomberg, who opposed the statute, does not enforce it.

    Feb. 14, 2006The New York City State Court of Appeals upholds Bloomberg's right to disregard the statute, leaving future enforcement decisions to the discretion of whomever is mayor

    July 2006The New Zealand branch of the Salvation Army says sorry over any remaining \"injured\" from its noticeable function in trying to obstruct the Homosexual Legislation Reform Act two decades earlier

    Nov. 21, 2011Bil Browning at The Bilerico Project advertises a drive encouraging gay-rights fans to provide their holiday contributions to various other charities that don't \"actively victimize the LGBT neighborhood\"

    June 21, 2012Maj. Andrew Craibe, the Australian Salvation Military spokesman, goes on the radio program Salt as well as Pepper, where gay hosts Serena Ryan as well as Pete Dillon ask him concerning his company's assertion in its official Redemption Tale: Salvationist Handbook of Teaching that exercising homosexuals \"deserve to die.\" \"So we need to die,\" Ryan tells Craibe, who replies: \"You understand, we have an alignment to the Scriptures, however that's our belief.\"

    June 23In a statement, the Redemption Army \"seriously apologizes\" for Craibe's \"miscommunication\" and the \"serious misconception\" of the team's ideas. The scripture concerned \"is not referring to physical fatality, nor is it especially targeted at homosexual behavior,\" claims Maj. Bruce Harmer of Redemption Military Australia. Instead, the church believes that \"no human lacks transgression, all wrong leads to spiritual fatality (separation from God),\" and that \"it would certainly be inconsistent with Christian training to call for anybody to be executed.\"

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