Senor Chang's \"Ha, Gay!\"

  • Senor Chang's \"Ha, Gay!\"
  • Senor Chang's \"Ha, Gay!\"

    Senor Chang's \"Gayyyyy\" refers to a quote attributed to the imaginary character Se\u00f1or Ben Chang in the TV sitcom series Neighborhood. Because of Chang's uncommon articulation, combined by his questionably sophomoric word selection, the scene has actually lent itself to numerous apologies and also YouTubePoop remixes on sites like Tumblr and YouTube.

    The quote was initial listened to in Neighborhood's period 2 top episode labelled \"Anthropology 101,\"[1] which broadcast on September 23rd, 2010. In one of the scenes, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) tries to influence his trainees by informing the class that \"one of the most crucial device is regard,\" to which Se\u00f1or Ben Chang (played by Ken Jeong) merely antiphons \"Ha, gayyyyy!\"

    The clip from the episode was consequently submitted by YouTuber lolocaust0[5] on September 29th. The video was likewise featured on the frontpage of Reddit and also went onto accumulate over 1.1 million consider as of April 2012.

    On November 5th, 2010, webcomic artist Stephen Gillan referenced Se\u00f1or Chang's quote in his Shenanigans Comic collection, which came to be commonly called the Homophobic Seal amongst the followers. In this certain comic, 2 men choose to embrace each other in an arctic snowstorm in order to survive the cool, when the homophobic seal unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere as well as yells \"GAAAAAAYYYY.\"

    The quote has been because become an immediate soundboard[2] single serving site as well as mobile ringtones[4] for iphone as well as Android, in addition to a variety of reaction GIFs, YTPMVs on YouTube as well as also some rage comics on Reddit.

    One of the first noteworthy remixes based upon Se\u00f1or Chang's \"Gayyyyy\" soundbite was uploaded by YTPMV musician zumspeedboi on June 21st, 2011.

    Numerous other YouTubePoop artists such as MrYTPMV, planbskaters159 and also TomGoodMen quickly complied with up with more remixes[6], drawing influences from various pop tunes as well as 8-bit soundtracks to Dubstep beats as well as AutoTune.

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