Three Reasons Gay Guys Are More Probable To Get HIV

  • Three Reasons Gay Guys Are More Probable To Get HIV
  • Three Reasons Gay Guys Are More Probable To Get HIV

    As a gay or bi individual, you're a lot more likely to get HIV with unprotected sex than your average straight man. Ever asked yourself why? Right here's three reasons why virtually 80 percent of HIV medical diagnoses in New Zealand are among gay and bi people:

    It's been scientifically confirmed that anal sex is riskier than vaginal sex when it involves HIV. Eighteen times riskier to be exact. There are 2 factors for this. Initially, the cells in the ass are a lot more prone to HIV than cells in the vagina. Second, both sperm and rectal mucosa (the cellular lining of the butt) lug even more HIV than genital fluid. Combine this with the truth that gay as well as bi guys have a lot more anal sex than straight people, as well as you have actually obtained a whole lot even more threat right there.

    In a current Auckland research study, 1 in 15 gay and also bi people were located to have HIV. So, if you're a man talking to other individuals, you're more probable to fulfill somebody that has HIV (and according to that very same research, there's a 20 percent chance that person with HIV does not recognize it yet).

    The fact is that there are less gay and also bi men than there are directly males and females. So when you're fulfilling a guy for casual sex, the pool of individuals you need to select from is smaller sized. This makes gay and bi individuals much more closely attached, sexually, than the rest of the populace. It also allows HIV and also various other STIs to spread out promptly amongst us.

    Recognizing your HIV standing suggests you can get access to therapy and also support, along with avoid on your own passing it on to others. Utilizing prophylactics and also lube every single time you have anal sex is the most wide-spread and also effective approach we have to stop HIV. The even more times you have rectal sex without prophylactics, the regularly you need to examine.