Paris Hilton Says Many Gay Guys 'Possibly Have AIDS'

  • Paris Hilton Says Many Gay Guys 'Possibly Have AIDS'
  • Paris Hilton Says Many Gay Guys 'Possibly Have AIDS'

    In an audiotape, Paris Hilton is listened to perpetuating the misconception that most gay males have AIDS, reports. A New york city City cabby that had the Hilton Hotels heiress and a gay male good friend in his rear seat taped the audiotape. Hilton says, \"Gay people are the horniest people in the world. They're disgusting. Guy, a lot of them most likely have AIDS ... I would certainly be so scared if I were a gay man. You'll, like, die of AIDS.\" Her remarks remained in response to her gay male good friend, that earlier was defining Grindr, a dating mobile app for gay men. A statement by a Hilton representative claimed, \"The conversation came to be heated up after a close gay pal informed her in a taxi ride a story regarding a gay man that has AIDS and also is intentionally having unguarded sex ... It was not her intent to make any type of disparaging remarks about all gays.\" UPDATE: In a declaration to GLAAD, Hilton supplies her apology: \"I am so sorry therefore distressed that I caused discomfort to my gay close friends, followers as well as their households ... It is the last point that I would certainly ever wish to do and I can not put into words just how much I want I can reclaim every word. HIV\/AIDS can injure any individual, gay and also straight, males and females. It's something I take really seriously as well as need to not have been sprayed in conversation.\" To hear the sound, read the write-up and also the declaration, click read the Hilton apology, visit this site.

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