What Gay and Bisexual Men Can Do

  • What Gay and Bisexual Men Can Do
  • What Gay and Bisexual Men Can Do

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that doesn't get a whole lot of media attention. But that does not mean you should not have it on your radar. Despite the fact that it's simple to prevent and can be treated with the right treatment, it can cause very major illness if not dealt with. Neglected syphilis can ultimately spread to the brain and nerve system or to the eye. This can trigger troubles like hearing loss, stroke, and loss of sight. And also there's an additional large concern: Having syphilis can enhance an individual's danger for getting HIV or offering it to others.

    Syphilis awareness efforts around the country have been increase because current data reveal that syphilis prices get on the surge. Rates of key as well as additional (P&S) syphilis-- one of the most transmittable phases of the condition-- raised an unpleasant 11% in between 2018 as well as 2019.

    Even though gay, bisexual, and other males who make love with men (MSM) make up just 4% of the united state male population, they represent almost half of reported P&S syphilis situations. The present circumstance is plain-- reported syphilis amongst MSM increased 31% from 2015 to 2019.

    In the USA, about fifty percent of MSM with P&S syphilis are additionally reported to have HIV. The troubling truth is that if you are a gay guy that does not have HIV, yet who is diagnosed with P&S syphilis, you are more likely to be infected with HIV in the future. Having an aching or break in the skin from a STD like syphilis might permit HIV to more easily enter your body. You may likewise be more probable to obtain HIV since the very same behaviors and scenarios that put you at risk for obtaining other STDs can additionally place you at greater danger for getting HIV.

    For more information regarding syphilis among gay and bisexual males, see CDC's Reality Sheet on Syphilis and also MSM.