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    WATERFRONT, Calif.-- A transgender woman has actually filed a legal action after she was expelled from a Christian college after she revealed in an episode of MTV's \"Real Life\" that she is naturally male.

    Domaine Javier, 25, who was removed from the California Baptist University in Riverside, Calif., in August 2011, filed her claim on Monday, and also charged the school of breaching state anti-discrimination legislations as well as violation of agreement.

    In court records, Javier connected a letter mentioning that she was removed \"because of scams or hiding identification.\" She likewise alleges that an university official educated her that she \"inaccurately stated on her university application that she is a lady.\"

    In an October 2011 interview with The Press-Enterprise, Javier claimed she has recognized as female given that she was a toddler.

    \" I didn't do anything incorrect,\" Javier claimed. \"They said, 'On your application you put women.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's just how I see myself.'\"

    She told the paper in that exact same meeting that Cal Baptist officials informed her they discovered her appearance on an MTV \"True Life\" episode titled, \"I'm Passing as Someone I'm Not,\" while conducting a history examine her.

    Rose city, Ore.-based civil liberties lawyer Paul Southwick, who is standing for Javier, claimed that the university has actually tainted his client's online reputation.

    \" They've incorrectly implicated her of scams and of hiding her identity,\" he claimed. \"She was humiliated as well as forced to postpone her education and job.\"

    The suit declares that, \"California Baptist College suspended her, excluded her from campus, as well as eliminated her for one factor: she is transgender. [...] As an outcome of the suspension, exemption, and expulsion, Ms. Javier has actually experienced financial problems, consisting of loss of the honors scholarships California Baptist College awarded and loss of earnings.\"

    Javier had actually enlisted in Cal Baptist's nursing program as well as had actually been awarded a $3,500 academic scholarship, in addition to a $2,000 songs scholarship, the match states.

    Southwick stated that her legal rights were breached by a college that can not utilize its standing as a spiritual academic establishment to do so based upon the state's Unruh Civil liberty Act, which prevents discrimination based upon gender identification.

    Jim Wood, an elderly pro bono advise for the San Francisco-based Transgender Regulation Facility differed with the application of the Unruh Act, stating that the law usually does not cover personal colleges.

    Southwick argued that Cal Baptist, which is open to people of all faiths and also primarily uses levels in secular areas, features as an organization facility offering solutions to the public, which indicates it is covered under the legislation.

    \" We're not speaking about a private seminary or Bible university,\" he stated. \"Just because Cal Baptist is a religiously affiliated institution doesn't provide it a right to discriminate.\"

    Developed in 1950, CBU is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention as well as has actually an estimated enrollment of over 6,000 trainees and also allows for non-Baptists and non-Christians to enlist.

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