Mistaken for Gay

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  • Mistaken for Gay
  • Mistaken for Gay

    A comedy plot line in which a personality incorrectly believes another personality to be gay, either as a result of false information received or as a result of the supposedly gay character's own misunderstood words and also actions. When the character is taken to be a homosexual, all his words and also activities become laden with reference as well as more misunderstandings, and humor occurs.

    This can often be created with mythological keys, such as superpowers or lycanthropy, which aren't right away evident, or different other unpleasant keys.

    Almost inescapable for Heterosexual Life-Partners. This plot might be the very first time we have actually heard them clearly state they're not gay (whether our company believe them or otherwise is one more matter).

    A mild subversion happens when a personality is presumed of being gay and takes this as a praise, because that individual deeply sympathizes with gay people.

    For such personalities to certify, they need to be erroneously assumed to be homosexual, also if the G, H, as well as L words are not used. However, these personalities do not need to retaliate or tell those who have actually mistaken them that they aren't gay as such characters can easily negate these errors with other means such as a revelation of a straight partnership.

    See likewise Mistaken for Index. When the personality possibly is gay but remains in rejection, they remain in the Transparent Wardrobe. When the Personality is heterosexual yet acts like the Camp Gay stereotype they're Camp Straight. As a result of the common belief that All Guy Are Perverts and also A Male Is Constantly Eager, any type of male character who isn't shown to jump at the possibility to have sex with a woman will certainly be mistaken for gay (if not really gay) by the target market and perhaps by the other personalities as well (specifically male characters).

    Leslie's brand-new hairstyle leads to her and Ann being misinterpreted for a lesbian pair.

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    Leslie's new hairstyle results in her and also Ann being mistaken for a lesbian pair.