Thank You Chris Gay

  • Thank You Chris Gay
  • Thank You Chris Gay

    In fighting Sex Trafficking, one guy can make a distinction. One guy heard me talk in Washington DC, and things altered for the Protectors USA in fighting sex trafficking. The tiniest of activities can add up to major adjustments in our culture.

    What could seem a tiny decision caused an oblique factor for major developments in the Protectors Program. One man contributed in leading the Defenders U.S.A. in their collaborate with the trucking industry. His name is Chris Gay. He is one of our Defenders and this month we want to commemorate his activities. He's an active leader of The Defenders United States who is living in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

    At one of my Protector's classes in Washington D.C., Chris heard me state, \"We want to get Linda Smith's publication Renting out Lacy right into the hands of vehicle drivers.\" Previously that year among our Protector's paid to create an audiobook variation of Leasing Lacy. Our objective was to enlighten the trucking sector with the audiobook. There appeared no much better method than to supply details that truckers could simply listen to on their long runs. However, we really did not have the links to get guide into the transportation market.

    Chris took it upon himself to function some contacts he had in the trucking sector. It resulted in a conference with the CEO of one of the nation's biggest trucking business. Because conversation, we found the trucking industry was beginning to identify the demand to execute training to stop the trafficking of our country's youth. They invited us to partner with them in producing products to notify their workers.

    Due to Chris's actions, things are taking place in a major trucking business with possibly prevalent effects. Who knows what could be following?

    Don't underestimate your value in fighting sex trafficking in the United States. The tiniest of actions all add up to major modifications in our culture. Chris is a living example of that.

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