The Guysexual's Urban Thesaurus for Gay Vernacular

  • The Guysexual's Urban Thesaurus for Gay Vernacular
  • The Guysexual's Urban Thesaurus for Gay Vernacular

    What's the service life of a clearance sale t shirt? What's the expiration day on a Grindr connection? Do potatoes count as carbohydrates? If you seem like a potato, are you a carb? Do you require to kick your processed food habits out on the aesthetic (no word play here intended)? Are moccasins much better than brogues? More notably, what is a brogue?

    When you are gay man, you'll always contain concerns (when you are not full of insecurity, that is)-- but this is 2018, and also some inquiries, while standard,-- will constantly be more vital than the others.

    Do not understand whether you are a top or a base? Do you feel it's disrespectful (and also extremely inappropriate) when somebody asks you whether you are a slave? Have you constantly asked yourself why your buddies poked fun at you when you stated you loved vanilla? Are you amazed that individuals could be that right into otters? A lot more notably, what is an otter?

    It's 2018, and also it's time for you to obtain with the times. Whether you are an out-and-proud gay male or an in-the-closet novice, your thesaurus of gay jargon will certainly always be as varied as your little black book of children. So the following time a person informs you they recognize 'just the best twink for your daddy appeals,' right here's a little reference of gay jargon to aid you understand what they truly suggest.

    Bear: An older, more comprehensive hairier guy that unlike his name, does not need to hibernate.

    Beefcake: A gay guy that spends a lot of his time at the health club, and the rest of it scooping does of healthy protein supplement right into his post-workout shakes.

    Bottom: The receptive sexual partner; additionally referred to as 'a person who suches as taking it in'.

    Chubby Chaser: A gay male who likes his sex-related companions just like he likes his cushions-- soft and also snuggly.

    C * cksicle: A BJ, again. Or when a person tries to make a bl * wjob audio even cooler, yet fails miserably.

    Cruise ship: To look for informal gay sex encounters-- generally in bathrooms, clubs or often, also by the edge streetlight, so that you can regret them the morning after.

    Cub: A more youthful variation of the Bear, larger than the Otter. Might or may not take care of body concerns.

    Father Chaser: A gay male that likes his partners older, richer, yet not necessarily better.

    Discreet: A man who is either in a partnership or in rejection, and wants sex on the side.

    Dom\/Dominant\/Master: A gay guy who likes to play 'That's in charge?' in bed. Sex-related toys may or may not be entailed.

    Iron Storage room: A gay guy who is in such deep denial of his sexuality, he might never step out of the storage room.

    Searching For Networking: A guy that travels a whole lot and also is on the lookout for trip flings. He won't ever call you back.

    NSA: No-strings-attached casual sex, that does not include feelings or goodbye messages.

    Otter: A thinner, more youthful variation of the Bear. Has nothing to do with the animal.

    Poz: An out-and-proud HIV Positive guy who's doing what a great deal of guys out there are not-- informing us concerning his standing.

    Sub\/Submissive\/Slave: A gay guy that suches as being bossed around in bed. (Not to be perplexed with the demeaning term made use of throughout the American pre-Civil Civil liberties age.)

    The Wardrobe: A location where you maintain all your ridiculously pricey clothes, your tight woolens, and also yourself, when you are not out to the globe. To put it simply, a gay male that has actually not told anybody he's gay.

    Tonsil Hockey: When you are kissing somebody so fiercely, maybe a competitive sport.

    Top: The inserting sexual companion; also referred to as 'someone that likes to place it in'.

    Vanilla: A person who likes his sex just like he likes his family members worths, conventional.

    Wolf: A hirsute gay guy who's neither a Bear nor an Otter yet drifts someplace in between. Additionally, might not wail at the moon if you ask him too.