Commemorating Gay Satisfaction

  • Commemorating Gay Satisfaction
  • Commemorating Gay Satisfaction

    October 10th and also 11th, 2015: Atlanta's Gay Satisfaction Event as well as Parade enlivened downtown and Piedmont Park for 2 days. From its take on, however unpromising beginnings over 20 years back, the celebration has grown to one of the biggest, and also definitely one of the most vibrant, happenings in Atlanta.

    MADSA, along with 'Georgia for Bernie' as well as 'Latinos for Bernie' sets, marched happily in the Atlanta Satisfaction ceremony, to the frequent applause of big crowds of spectators, whose energy matched that of the paraders. The weather was fantastic, and also the parade marched along for the better part of 3 hrs.

    Paraders set up on Sunday early morning at the Civic Facility MARTA terminal, marched 8 obstructs up Atlanta's major drag, Peachtree Road, and refused 10th Road to Piedmont Park, where it dissolved right into the Park's hundreds of cubicles, which had been going strong considering that Saturday morning.

    In the park, our cubicle was set upon by supporters, that took greater than 2000 Bernie Buttons and also great deals of MADSA literary works. Several registered for our mailings.

    Park cubicles as well as parade sets genuinely mirrored a rainbow, from the overtly business facilities, to church teams, to amusement places, to, well, just groups, whose raison d'etre seems to be an event of variety and the right to be oneself.

    Unique many thanks to coordinators Travis Reid Rebekah Delight, and Barbara Segal, indicator and button manufacturer Daniel Hanley, as well as everyone that marched and aided personnel the cubicle.

    We are the Atlanta phase of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the country with over 90,000 members. We believe that functioning individuals ought to run both the economic situation as well as society democratically to meet human demands, not to make profits for a few.