Gay CNN support Don Lemon attacks black priest

  • Gay CNN support Don Lemon attacks black priest
  • Gay CNN support Don Lemon attacks black priest

    Gay CNN anchor Don Lemon just attacked a black priest who once opposed Obama's same-sex agenda. Then followed this up by implicating this black priest of supporting a racist you ever before asked yourself if media is disproportionately stood for by gays contrasted to other people teams? The prime-time television ports for CNN and also MSNBC are held by Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Rachael Maddow. There are much more examples but I will certainly quit point is that Gays stand for 4% of the U.S. populace, that's-- 4%- however you would certainly never understand that if you looked at television shows. The Democrats don't actually rely on equality. Where is the equal rights in this schedule? Is this standing for the 35% of the population that are evangelical and also pro-life Catholic? Or the 50 million individuals that elected Trump?

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