Don Lemon Comes Out: CNN Anchor Exposes He's Gay In New Book

  • Don Lemon Comes Out: CNN Anchor Exposes He's Gay In New Book
  • Don Lemon Comes Out: CNN Anchor Exposes He's Gay In New Book

    CNN support Don Lemon has appeared. In a new book, \"Clear,\" Lemon discuss his life as well as his sexuality, and also he exposed that he is gay in a meeting with the New York Times. In a tweet on Sunday evening, Lemon, who has actually secured in a range of functions for CNN, connected to the Times write-up as well as wrote, \"intended to be the firs to show to u. many thanks for your assistance!!!\"

    By coming out, Lemon becomes one of a little number of openly gay supports on tv; the checklist likewise includes Rachel Maddow as well as Thomas Roberts, both of MSNBC.

    In the interview, Lemon stated that he has actually never ever hidden his sexuality from his co-workers at CNN, however chose to take an extra public action after he really felt that he might not create an inspirational publication without being open concerning that he is.

    Lemon additionally claimed that he was \"afraid,\" due to the fact that he was discussing things that \"people might avoid me for.\" He stated that he was particularly worried regarding what the reaction in the black area would certainly be. At one point, Lemon got so nervous that he thought of getting rid of the parts of the book that dealt with his sexuality, however he transformed his mind.

    Lemon has been a reporter and also anchor at CNN given that 2006. On Monday, he is set up to give numerous interviews on the network concerning his revelation.

    \" I believe it would certainly be fantastic if everyone can be out,\" he informed the Times. \"... I believe if I had seen more people like me who are out and pleased, it would not have actually taken me 45 years to state it, to stroll in the fact.\"