And America's Gayest City Is ... Atlanta?

Western regions cover the listing, in probably the most comprehensive evaluation yet of the demography of gay and lesbian America.

  • And America's Gayest City Is ... Atlanta?
  • And America's Gayest City Is ... Atlanta?

    Fabulous Atlanta, seen below from Piedmont Park, was placed America's Gayest City by Supporter publication. (AP\/AJC Personnel) hide inscription

    Fabulous Atlanta, seen here from Piedmont Park, was ranked America's Gayest City by Supporter magazine.

    San Francisco has long been considered America's gay capital, but a new list looks for to resolve that presumption: Atlanta covers Advocate publication's checklist of the Gayest Cities in America, complied with by Burlington, Vt.; Iowa City, Iowa; and also Bloomington, Ind.

    Mike Albo, that wrote the post for the magazine, which has a mainly gay readership, says the checklist's objective was to be counterproductive.

    \" We just dumped a lot of numbers and also statistics together as well as developed this type of goofy listing of areas that are really more gay than you assume,\" Albo informs NPR's Madeleine Brand.

    The post analyzed information such as the variety of same-sex pair households per capita, chosen gay authorities, statewide marital relationship equal rights; other measures were more imaginative: the variety of gay bars, travelling locations and gay-friendly films rented in a specific postal code.

    Rose City, Maine; Seattle; Asheville, N.C.; as well as Austin, Texas, additionally made the list.

    \" In a lot of means, these are areas that are type of simulating what New york city as well as San Francisco were [doing] back in the '70s,\" Albo states. \"They're ending up being kind of magnet facilities for people neighboring to go to and perhaps feel extra comfy regarding being out. They just take place to be in smaller communities now.\"

    However he yields that the listing has its critics, particularly those who live in New york city and San Francisco.

    \" However, what actions gayness?\" Albo asks. \"Possibly there's one gay bar, but a lots of gay couples as well as an actually fantastic cruising spot there, as well. Who knows? That recognizes what steps gayness?\"