Do gay guys like fat asses?

  • Do gay guys like fat asses?
  • Do gay guys like fat asses?

    I am straight and also I enjoy large fat butts. Nearly every person I recognize favors a big butt. I am asking yourself if this is an attractive feature on a man.

    If they're fat as a result of muscle mass, then absolutely. On a person if his butt is simply fat as a result of fat, the rest of him is normally fat too.

    It simply depends but it looks like for most people they like muscle bottoms. I like smaller butts though.

    Yet just fat, no muscle, not actually my point. I would certainly choose a bigger butt to a smaller one, though, if provided the choice.

    Masculinity is treasured in the gay area in the same way that femininity is to straight individuals. A fat Nicki Minaj style butt is womanly, and also a lot of guys will not assume it looks great on a person. Gay males like muscle butts (believe football gamer's butts). There will be some gay guys who like womanly fat asses, but at that point, it's even more of a fetish instead of something that guys normally like.

    What a ridiculous question. But I'll offer a significant answer. Human destination extensively differs, and also if the concern is does ___ sub-group like ___ top quality. Sure a few probably do. Every little thing imaginable has actually been fetishized with the 50-110 billion people or two that have actually ever before lived.

    However most? Most likely not. Many move to the male adonis due to a combo of biology programed by advancement and social conditioning. If you comply with the norm, you have larger alternatives. If you do not you will have to search a little tougher.

    As with every little thing else in the gay area, if you are under 8% bodyfat you are eye-catching. If you are above 8% bodyfat, you don't exist.

    I am a gay vers top, however I am 1000% top for a bottom with a huge fat bubble ass. Huge round and also bouncy big ass I'll cum quickly 3 times and eat him out a full hour til he cums while suffocating my face. Preferably guys 200 I have a large cock as well as I dislike little or also firm. I such as huge soft fat round butts I'll make him orgasm as long as he desires as much and at any time he wants. I could easily have 2 overall lower hubbies