Colton Underwood Responds to Viral Clip with Billy Eichner Recommending He Be the 'Very First Gay Bachelor'

Marvel simply released a new 'Eternals' promotion video that includes the initial scene revealing the MCU's first gay superhero in action.

  • Colton Underwood Responds to Viral Clip with Billy Eichner Recommending He Be the 'Very First Gay Bachelor'
  • Colton Underwood Responds to Viral Clip with Billy Eichner Recommending He Be the 'Very First Gay Bachelor'

    \"Love this (currently) as well as now I love being gay,\" he created after coming out on Wednesday

    A clip of Billy Eichner's look on freshly out Colton Underbrush's period of The Bachelor has actually tackled brand-new meaning.

    As a star guest on Undergrowth's period in 2019, the comic provided the previous football gamer with some guidance during a camp-themed group day.

    \" I'm gay. I know that's a shock, Colton. Which, I believe, you ought to consider,\" the Billy on the Road star, 42, joked on the show. \"Possibly you're the very first gay Bachelor as well as we do not even understand!\"

    Underwood, who at the time giggled throughout the exchange, appeared as gay throughout a sit-down interview that aired on Good Morning America Wednesday. Complying with the news, Eichner congratulated the truth celebrity on welcoming his sexuality while reposting the now-viral clip on Instagram.

    \" Congrats @coltonunderwood,\" Eichner captioned the blog post. \"If you're gay, be gay! I've been gay for life as well as I like it!\"

    Underwood, 29, responded to Eichner in the comments, writing: \"Love you. Love this (currently) and currently I love being gay.\" Replied Eichner: \"See you at the club, Colton!\"

    Eichner also resolved the information on Twitter, calling attention to those in amusement who came out long before it was welcomed.

    \" Two points. Pop culture now often makes it appear like every 14 years of age gay young boy is flying out without a treatment in the world. Some are. And that's INCREDIBLE. Yet lots of are not. So allow's remember that,\" he started.

    \" AND let's ALSO honor and also commend those in amusement that came out years-- DECADES - before it was accepted and also can be made use of to expert benefit,\" he proceeded. \"I don't indicate me-- I mean numerous others, especially those prior to me-- that took genuine digestive tracts. Allow's place some shine on them also.\"

    On GMA, Undergrowth opened up about involving terms with his sexuality after a long period of self-reflection.

    \" I've ran from myself for a long period of time. I've hated myself for a very long time, and I'm gay. And I concerned terms keeping that earlier this year and have actually been refining it,\" he stated. \"The next action in every one of this was allowing individuals recognize. I'm still anxious. It's been a trip, for certain.\"

    He added: \"I'm emotional, but in such a great, delighted, positive means. I'm the happiest and healthiest I have actually ever remained in my life, and that suggests the world to me.\"

    Underwood previously dated Cassie Randolph, the finalist on his period of The Bachelor. The two introduced their split last Might. Things took a dark turn in September, when Randolph, 25, filed for a restraining order versus Underwood because of supposed harassment as well as stalking. She eventually went down the order two months later.

    The ex-NFL pro, that has actually likewise dated Aly Raisman and also was quickly linked to Lucy Hale, released a public apology to Randolph on GMA.

    \" I got involved in a place with my personal life that was dark, and bad, as well as I can list a lot of various points, however they would certainly all be justifications,\" he stated. \"I 'd like to claim sorry for how points ended. I ruined. I made a lot of negative options.\"

    He proceeded, \"I would certainly simply state I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry for the discomfort and emotional anxiety I caused. I want it wouldn't have happened the method it did. I desire that I would have been daring sufficient to repair myself prior to I damaged anyone else.\"

    Moving on, Undergrowth said he's looking for \"someone who can press me as well as challenge m in all properlies.\"

    PEOPLE also confirmed on Wednesday that Underwood is recording his coming out trip for an upcoming Netflix series. The show will include looks from noticeable numbers within the LGBTQIA community.

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