comebacks after someone calls you gay

  • comebacks after someone calls you gay
  • comebacks after someone calls you gay

    Whether you are a heterosexual or gay male, there is a pretty good chance you have been called gay or a fag in a bad way eventually in time. Many troubled adolescent men will utilize the term when they are attempting to show up amazing before their close friends when truly they seem like an unconfident little turd or they would not really feel the need to say something to someone.

    There is nothing incorrect with being gay, and luckily society is coming to be more forgiving, in city centres anyhow.

    If you're not gay you most likely wish to state something to close the person up that keeps trying to wind you up.

    If you are being called gay, make use of among our clever resurgences to close the hater up.

    Proceed, ballot, and also tell us what you assume is the very best comeback to such an individual question.

    Ever before seem like you don't understand what to claim to challenging people? Order our FREE starter guide, so you know not just what to claim- however how to claim it. Discover the key of shutting down rude individuals.

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