50 Tweets From 2019 That'll Make Gays LOL

50 Tweets From 2019 That'll Make Gays LOL

  • 50 Tweets From 2019 That'll Make Gays LOL
  • 50 Tweets From 2019 That'll Make Gays LOL

    Gay culture is sitting in unpleasant silence as your straight buddies talk about things you can't relate to at all.

    I asked this straight guy what his skin care regimen was and he stated he wasn't gay.

    I offer you: Guy on Grindr indoctrinating me about Relatively Odd Parents gay tea. Honestly the nicest person too.

    Have you ever had those days when you're stuck in a circumstance like, \"I'm also fucking gay for this spunk?\"

    right white young boys act like making it on their university's barstool page is the equivalent of winning a nobel reward

    Google Maps: It will take 17 minutes to walk to your destination. A gay pedestrian:

    no one: gays with one dangly earring:-LRB- \u0361 \u00b0 \u035c\u0296 \u0361 \u00b0)|||||||||||||||||\u2020

    being gay isn't all about homosexuality all right?? there is a big percentage that is dealing with family pets and then also anxiety

    there had not been a solitary gay man associated with the gatekeeping procedure on this item launch huh

    Being gay isn't a choice, it's an uncontrolled thing that occurs when J.K. Rowling decides it's your time.

    my mommy when she was expecting with me:|||||\\|\\|\\|gay \\|calamity||\/ |\/ |\/||

    me in P.E when the coach would certainly make my gay ass go to the children side and play sporting activities with them

    if someone you recognize bleaches their hair, LOOK AT THEM!! they are experiencing something!! bear-magazine.com

    Including both \"about\" as well as \"ish\" qualifiers to your anticipated arrival time is gay culture.

    Why does every straight individual appearance mentally constipated and for God's purpose why is that my proclivity?

    the woman putting on a skirt as a top after Hilary Duff informed her to quit claiming \"that's so gay\"

    me: maximizing LGBT themed goods during pride month is a superficial and apolitical attempt at supporting the gay community driven just by corporate greed. * clothing shop doesn't have a satisfaction area * me:

    the PE instructors in my school flirting after their gay trainees have remained on their course for the fifth week in a row

    Gay culture is someone presenting them self to you in spite of having actually fulfilled you 6 times

    Gay culture is using wit at the office to attempt as well as distract individuals from the truth you're always late and don't actually do anything helpful