Back to the Gay Future: 31 Homoerotic Sci-Fi Covers

  • Back to the Gay Future: 31 Homoerotic Sci-Fi Covers
  • Back to the Gay Future: 31 Homoerotic Sci-Fi Covers

    When I was a kid, my stepfather generated a remarkable collection of sci-fi magazines. He had a lot of that he had his room lined in cabinets to hold them all. The covers seemed to be sending me messages; warm gay messages. Most of these covers were in my stepfather's collection.

    May too start with the ne plus ultra of crypto-homo covers. Could have been one of my daddy's Figure Pictorials. However that's one more story.

    This is a family members website as well as all, so I will not go into all the combinations of fun you might have with a two-headed boyfriend. Undoubtedly, we will wear much much less clothes in the future.

    This is certainly a story about a gay connection precede that struck the skids as a result of excessive booze as well as dope. Like a Galaxy of the Dolls. A strong subtext of cape envy.

    \" I promise, I will smite you with my rod as well as sphere if you do not stop dazzling me with those star-spangled shorts!\"

    Wonderful to understand that the loincloth is a timeless style go-to. I can not think of a future without it.

    In the future, when Santa passes away, he will be replaced by his really intimate pal, Gus.

    We are always up for an unshaven ape, however what is this Dianetics point? As in Diane von F\u00fcrstenburg?

    Titan crawlers, Glinda the Excellent Witch in her nightgown, and also me with half my shirt torn apart. Simply one more night of agitated dreams, youngsters. Means absolutely nothing whatsoever.

    Zork was specific that the other males were appreciating his giant arms. Little did he recognize they were in the last planning stage of Zork's eyebrow tweezer intervention. Talk about squashing the contour!

    Absolutely nothing to see here, people. Just your fundamental torn underclothing as well as unusual probe dream. Keep moving along. As well as indeed, \"Other Area\" suggests just what you believe.

    I tried to figure what \"analog\" indicated for several years. I was away, bewildered by noticeable phallic meaning.

    And so, as lovely naked males gambol in outer space with sparkling rainbow halos, we bid you goodbye.