Gay jokes aren't funny

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  • Do gay guys on a regular basis put on panties?
  • Gay jokes aren't funny
  • Do gay guys on a regular basis put on panties?

    So I see in some cases that gay men like putting on underwears or females undergarments as a twist I mean, yet do a lot of them wear them just on the reg? I honestly have actually never ever seen one more gay man personally use them yet maybe I just do not recognize that many gay guys

    I have actually never ever experienced one more gay man using underwears. Over-priced developer fighter briefs, yes, however panties? No.

    Its a dumb concern for like 4 various reasons: 1 - the majority of the males that use panties as twist are straight. 2 - you are generalising concerning gay men. 3 - what is the limit for normal? 4 - why do you find out about the underwear of gay men around you?

    Sorry I didnt imply to be offending I was simply curious since my older brother (25) has discussed using them as simply typical undersea and him and his spouse are both comfortable with it. I don't recognize based upon asking belive me, I feel in one's bones a lot of gay guys that flourish on body wit so I just kinda understand.

    Ive taken the trousers down of hundreds, potentially thousands, of gay guys - as well as nearly all of them were putting on regular guys underwear underneath.

    I dont. Nor do I ever mean to ever before in my life. If one more man wishes to hey go for it. I do not evaluate

    Im gon na say no, not regularly. But there are most definitely some available that do and also theres nothing incorrect with it.

    I intend to! I think its actually cute as well as warm. Mostly i much like individuals in shoelace underclothing.

    its primarily a twist point from what i see, but as gender is coming to be extra acceptable to explore and discover there are some guys that use them just because. in fact, there are services emerging making underwear for males. theyre underclothing that resemble underwears however have room for our dick\/balls.

    Gay jokes aren't funny

    I specifically don't like penis jokes since I can never ever create a great one. It obtains also difficult occasionally

    This is actually the funniest point I have actually heard\/read in ages. I just woke up my hubby to state it, yet he was half asleep so didn't value it fully:-LRB-