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  • Gay And Lesbian Underwear as well as Underwears
  • Jon Stewart's Funny 'Amusing Gay Jokes'
  • Gay And Lesbian Underwear as well as Underwears

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    Jon Stewart's Funny 'Amusing Gay Jokes'

    Not to tip on Aquarium's toes way too much here, yet did you capture The Daily Show last evening? The middle-of-show taped bit was a Jason Jones sector on New Jacket's recent search for a new state motto. (\" We'll win you over,\" for which an advertising and marketing firm billed $280,000, was considered inappropriate.)

    Reporter Jones talked to acting N.J. Gov. Richard Codey, the guy behind the search, and briefly perplexed him with his predecessor, Gay American Jim McGreevey. Discovering that Codey was not, as a matter of fact, the gay guv, Jones glimpsed with discouragement at a sheet of notes-- \"Amusing Gay Jokes\" was the headline-- and afterwards tossed them away.

    Thing is, if you stop your TiVo at the appropriate minute, you can conveniently review that checklist of \"Funny Gay Jokes.\" So, certainly, we did. What are they?

    Our solution to visitors with inferior remote-controlling finger mastery waits for after the jump.

    Funny Gay Jokes1. Two gay guys remained in the shower together when one overlooked and saw a pool of white liquid. He claimed to the other guy, What did I tell you regarding farting in the shower? 2. Did you become aware of both homosexual courts? The kept attempting each various other.3. Exactly how can you make a gay male yell two times? **** [redaction Funny Central's] him real hard. After that clean your cock off on his curtains.4. Why did the little Greek kid escape from residence? He really did not like the way he was being raised.5. Why do so several gays have moustaches? To hide the stretch marks.

    The craziest component? We wouldn't make those jokes-- well, at the very least not No. 1-- right here on some silly blog site. The Daily Show, on standard wire? No problem.