Your finest comeback when a person calls you gay.

  • Your finest comeback when a person calls you gay.
  • Your finest comeback when a person calls you gay.

    What are your comebacks when somebody claims to you \"you're gay\" or \"you're a slut\"?

    haaa my answer was foolish prior to yet yeah if they say that to you simply agree, after that there hell closed down due to the fact that they think to themselves 'oh wait a min, there not indicated to agree with me?' haaa thats the most effective bit:-RRB- be like oh yeah I am a little a slut arn't I currently. hmmm, god much better deal with that sluttiness of mine;-RRB- xx

    lol I would certainly simply say \"yeah I had a good time with you last night, we need to do it again at some point,\" as well as wink after that laugh. obviously if you angle wink after that state \"well I simply collaborate with the choices I was provided.\" or \"At the very least I can obtain some action,\"

    there is a youngster in my institution who calls me gay, so I challenged him to a fight. I beat the spunk out of him, as well as he still calls me gay. so currently I remind him what occurred, and I make him do gay points so he will get embarassed

    Hmm, you recognize I have actually constantly discovered that checking out individuals like they are completely stupid, scoffing while shaking your head as if they are pathetic (they are), as well as just leaving does marvels.

    Im Gon na Use Those Thankz lolBut what I Generally State Is - It Takes One To Know Oneor- Do You Still Love Nature? Despite What It Did To YOur Face.

    im bisexual. a lot of people call me gay. do not fret. I don't turn to their level and I simply disregard them. yet if you want you can toss a comback too. its your own dicision

    im bi and its been spread out via my institution so people always call me gay, my comeback each time is:\" your face is gay\" they normally disregard.

    Look right into their soul with an empty expression. Then claim,\" I can not reach it.\" Or,\" Get out of my house.\" Even if your not in a house.:D

    you would certainly say the following: Various other Person: You're gay!You:;-RRB- and complimentary on Saturday I helped!

    Due to the fact that they ought to have the alternative to stick up for themself rather than kick back and take abuse.

    ya mums gay ya mums a slut. eat my imaginary penis bitttch:-RRB- NOMNOMNOM TURTLE.:-RRB- hehehe.x