I went to an all-boys boarding college for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA

  • I went to an all-boys boarding college for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA
  • I went to an all-boys boarding college for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA

    After viewing Pixar's 'It Gets Better' video clip, i assumed that possibly my tale could aid somehow.

    I went to an all-boys boarding school (concerning 300 pupils) for all 4 years of senior high school (' 93-' 97). I spent the whole time concealing 'in the wardrobe', mostly from myself. I assumed i was 'institutionalised', and that i 'd such as ladies when I mosted likely to college. It didn't take long to identify I was wrong ...

    Ask me anything. I'll be as honest as feasible. And also to all you queer kiddies, I vow, IT GETS BETTER!

    EDIT: I intend to include that while it was hard for the initial couple of years, it wasn't entirely a miserable experience throughout.

    EDIT 2: I'm 31 as well as living gladly in Brooklyn. I appeared months after graduating, and I have actually been living gladly ever since, but thanks for all the good words.

    EDIT 3: wow! much more popular than i though it would certainly be! well, it's been 6 hours, and also i have stuff to do. thx for all the excellent inquiries! i'll try to visit later and also address any type of new q's!

    As a homeless 17 years of age gay child with roughly no cash, a handful of suicide efforts, and a failure to finance an university education and learning; I ask:

    well, kiddo, to be straightforward, it's possibly mosting likely to be a struggle for you for a while. currently, i do not recognize your situation, area, etc, however there are a lot of resources for 17-year-old homeless youngsters in New York City and also around the nation.

    i don't think the gay component has anything to do with it ... why are you homeless? have you finished senior high school?

    I used to be a dormitory counselor in an all boys boarding college. Trust me, the majority of the youngsters are a straight as you can get. That does not stop the freshmen and also sophmores from having the periodic \"experiment\" naturally.

    All the hostility, the whippings, the name-calling, the uncertainties, the hate - that all took place to me, also, from 5th grade via high school. In college, I got to make brand-new friends who weren't clueing in off of the rumors and haters' antics, so it quit.

    At the time, I assumed it was just disgust since I was so strange. It is the bullies' favored putdown, besides. In college, I discovered that a previous HS classmate in fact thought it, which's when I understood how it really influenced me - had problems getting dates, which made me much more terrified of girls, that made me look gayer (I think), etc

    that's dreadful. i really feel for youngsters that have actually been through this and also aren't even gay. i'm not sure i can envision what that's like ...

    On your initial day of institution was \"Hallelujah, It's Raining Men!\" playing over and also over in your head?

    i can't picture it resembling Hallelujah. Picture being a straight male as well as going to an all militant-lesbian senior high school. Yeah, eye sweet would certainly behave, up until you realize you're not going to be getting any type of from 99% of the population.

    What was one of your worst moments while at school? Were especially effeminate? How much did you opt for a lady? Just how did it finish?

    individuals calling me 'faggot', people pressing me in the halls, being called a 'pervert'.

    after i came out, oddly sufficient, i ultimately had sex with a woman. it finished terribly, in what i currently refer to as 'the negative vaginal canal experience of 1998'.

    Guy, should have seriously drew ... boarding schools are some of one of the most freely homophobic and hostile places ever before.

    I went to a boarding college, am rather slight (however straight) as well as I had the spunk removed of me for some 5 years ...

    Presume you needed to wish to battle in mud with all the other rugby players to be a genuine man ...