Am I Gay 'Cause My Sweetheart Touched My Butt?

As a gay guy, just how much do you understand about your butthole? Your opening is a remarkable and fantastic thing. The amount of of these facts do you understand? Butthole expertise!

  • Am I Gay 'Cause My Sweetheart Touched My Butt?
  • Am I Gay 'Cause My Sweetheart Touched My Butt?

    Sex, love, relationship guidance from an expert dominatrix. Got inquiries, drop an email to [email secured], you rowdy boys as well as women. Learn more concerning Girlfriend Lera at Notes From a Miami Dominatrix.

    Did you fantasize regarding some attractive, well-hung stud in sexy natural leather shorts while your girlfriend thumbed your butt hole? If not, after that you're not gay. Maybe English, but definitely not a homosexual. Functioning as a dominatrix, I have had lots of straight men creep to me on their hands and knees, pleading to get screwed up the ass by my nine-inch strap-on. There is definitely nothing incorrect with it. I am a big advocate of anal bet men, both gay as well as straight. Anal stimulation not only really feels terrific, it can likewise be useful to a man's health if practiced properly.

    When your partner stuck her finger up your ass, she struck that walnut-sized package of delight called the prostate gland. It lies in between the bladder and also the penis. It produces liquids that nourish as well as shield the sperm. And prostate massage, described in my circles as \"milking,\" has its restorative advantages. Studies have actually revealed that males who culminate (by masturbation or milking) more than five times a week in fact minimize their opportunity of struggling with illnesses such as inflammation of the prostate gland and also also prostate cancer cells. As well as, it's a fantastic method to loosen up.

    Below are a couple of suggestions for keeping your rectal play enjoyable and risk-free: Rest on your back or enter the doggy-style setting. Spread your legs and take a deep breath. If your lover has long nails, she should put small cotton rounds on them as well as use latex handwear covers (simply see to it you're not allergic). Using latex handwear covers is not only sanitary, but with the right amount of lubrication, will enable your partner to slide her finger inside you with ease. Simply remind her to be sluggish and also mild. When she's inside you, have her boost your prostate in a flirtatious movement. The sensation will be so intense you need to neigh, squeal, and also snort like a sexy stallion.

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