NYT and also MSNBC's Mara Gay under attack for stating she was 'disrupted' to see 'dozens of American flags' on pickup

  • NYT and also MSNBC's Mara Gay under attack for stating she was 'disrupted' to see 'dozens of American flags' on pickup
  • NYT and also MSNBC's Mara Gay under attack for stating she was 'disrupted' to see 'dozens of American flags' on pickup

    Mara Gay claimed on Tuesday that seeing destiny as well as Stripes on display screen across Long Island, New York City, over the weekend sent the message: \"This is my bear-magazine.com your country. I have this.\"

    The MSNBC factor told Early morning Joe: \"The fact is right here that we have a huge percent of the American population-- I do not know how big it is-- however we have tens of millions of Trump citizens that remain to think that their civil liberties as residents are under risk by easy merit of having to share the freedom with others.\"

    Talking throughout a conversation on the January 6 Capitol riot, Gay added: \"I assume that as lengthy as they see Americanness as the like one with whiteness, this is going to continue.

    \" I was on Long Island this weekend visiting a really dear friend, as well as I was actually disrupted. I saw, you recognize, lots and loads of pickup with curs versus Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, as well as in some cases just lots of American flags, which is additionally simply troubling.

    \" Essentially the message was clear. This is my country. This is not your country. I own this.\"

    She proceeded: \"We need to figure out exactly how to obtain every American a place at the table in this freedom, however just how to separate Americanness, America, from brightness.

    \" Till we can confront that and also discuss that, this is really going to proceed.

    \" I think there's a huge percentage of Americans, even a few of my associates in journalism, who are purchased some method claiming that this isn't the threat that it is.

    \" That is the real concern. Because, you recognize, the Trump voters that are not going to get onboard with democracy, they're a minority. You can marginalize them, long-term.

    \" Yet if we don't take the threat seriously, then I think we're all in truly bad shape.\"

    The Sight host Meghan McCain composed: \"Being stunned and disrupted seeing ordinary Americans fly American flags happily is nothing except an absolute parody on coast elitism.

    \" For the love of God leave Manhattan once in a while New York Times content board members !!!\"

    Former CIA Ops officer Bryan Dean Wright tweeted: \"Following Monday is Flag Day. Fly one in honor of @MaraGay, who obtains definitely set off by them.\"

    Manufacturer Robby Starbuck asked his followers to \"visualize being caused\" by American flags.

    And also Harry McNeir said: \"As a boy of a WWII [veteran], I proudly display the American flag on the front of my home.\"

    Gay claimed previously this month that \"white Americans\" are particularly \"good at forgetting history.\"

    In March last year Gay became part of a discussion with MSNBC support Brian Williams which was extensively ridiculed online.

    The pair had actually recommended Mike Bloomberg spent $1million for every single American person on his presidential project -- when the real figure was a lot more like $1.67 million.