These are the 10 most gay-friendly nations

Our courageous leader Rob offers his listing of the most gay friendly nations in the world. Do you agree with his list?

  • Latvia, Lithuania and Poland worst nations to be gay in EU
  • These are the 10 most gay-friendly nations
  • Latvia, Lithuania and Poland worst nations to be gay in EU

    Gay rights in some EU nations are 'actively being eroded,' says equivalent legal rights NGO.

    Latvia, Lithuania as well as Poland are the three worst countries to be gay in the EU, while Malta, Belgium and also the U.K. are the most effective, according to a report launched by equivalent rights organization ILGA-Europe.

    The position is based on an evaluation of regulations, policies and also techniques that influence lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and also intersex (LGBTI) individuals across Europe.

    \" Regressive legislations, targeting both individuals as well as the job of LGBTI activists and NGOs, are a pernicious and also genuine hazard in lots of European nations,\" according to the report. \"In the countries at the end of the ranking, LGBTI individuals and also their households' civil liberties are proactively being eroded.\"

    Taking non-EU states into account, the most awful countries to be LGBTI in Europe general are Armenia, Russia and also Azerbaijan, according to the company.

    These are the 10 most gay-friendly nations

    The Netherlands and Spain tie for many gay-friendly nation on the planet, according to a new Gallup Survey. Of those asked the question 'Is the city\/area where you live a great place to live for gay as well as lesbian individuals?' 87% of individuals in both countries responded 'yes'. Europe controls the leaderboard taking 8 out of the top ten places. But Canada is available in third and seventh-placed Uruguay does far better than Sweden and also the United Kingdom.

    Worldwide, 780 million people stay in nations that recognize either marital relationship or civil union in between same-sex pairs as a legal right. However there is still much job to be provided for the 2.8 billion individuals that stay in nations where being gay is illegal.

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