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  • BL\/ YAOI\/ GAY\/ LGBT - Oriental films and series
  • Unarmed, Black, Gay Guy Shot By Cops Sues for $26 Million
  • BL\/ YAOI\/ GAY\/ LGBT - Oriental films and series

    Kim Seon Ho, Go Ah Ra, Kang Tae Joo, as well as Kim Kang Woo will be the main actors of the upcoming movie \"Sad Tropical.\"

    A special urban dream dramatization worth looking into: Taiwanese mythology, ruin and also destruction, as well as love between a human and also a god.

    Lee Minutes Ho as well as Gong Hyo Jin will apparently collaborate for the upcoming space-themed drama titled \"Ask Destiny.\"

    Unarmed, Black, Gay Guy Shot By Cops Sues for $26 Million

    Isiah Brown, a gay Black guy who was fired by authorities eight times while unarmed, filed a $26 million claim Tuesday versus the policemans liable.

    Brown, 32, survived the April shooting in Spotsylvania Area, Virginia, terminally ill. He is currently charging Replacement David Turbyfill as well as the constable supervising him, Roger Harris, of \"gross neglect, battery and also utilizing too much pressure,\" The Roanoke Times reported.

    Brown's issue information ruining life-altering injuries, insisting that Turbyfill triggered him to \"suffer considerable, severe, recurring physical as well as psychological discomfort, misery, suffering, disfigurement, embarrassment, and financial losses.\" The match even more states that Brown \"will never completely recoup from the marks and also impairment to his mind and body,\" Capital reported.

    The day of the shooting, Turbyfill had provided Brown a flight residence after his auto damaged down. Brown after that later called 911 throughout a run-in with his brother. In the recording of the 911 telephone call launched by authorities, Brown can be heard threatening to eliminate his bro, however likewise telling the dispatcher he does not have a weapon or any various other tool.

    The 911 dispatcher then sent out Turbyfill to the scene, where Brown was pacing on the street outside while still on the phone. The 911 dispatcher informed Brownish to put his hands up as Turbyfill approached. Turbyfill can be heard continuously howling at Brown to \"go down the weapon,\" having confused the phone in his hand for a tool. He then discharged at Brown 10 times.

    8 bullets were later on found in Brown's body, as well as no weapon was ever discovered at the scene, according to Damaging Daily News.

    The shooting took place just a couple of days after a jury located Minneapolis law enforcement officers Derek Chauvin guilty for the murder of George Floyd, another unarmed Black man whose death stimulated a worldwide wave of Black Lives Matter protests and created an increase in public anger over authorities physical violence against the Black area.

    Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by cops than white people, in spite of being 1.3 times more likely to be unarmed, according to the Mapping Authorities Violence Project. LGBTQ people, as well as especially LGBTQ people of shade, are also disproportionately targeted by police and also are quit at greater rates than non-LGBTQ individuals, according to the American Bar Organization.

    Turbyfill was prosecuted in July for firing Brown, when he was charged with felony reckless handling of a gun. He faces up to 5 years behind bars if convicted. While Brown's lawyer, David Haynes, posted on Facebook that the household was \"happy\" with the charge, Brown's sibling, Yolanda, showed up to feel or else.

    \" Resembles we are going to need to take this to [the] High court,\" she wrote in a Facebook message at the time. \"They obtained the Brown family mistaken if they believe we are going to approve 5 years!\"

    Though Turbyfill was put on administrative leave, he has actually continued to be on the force considering that shooting Brown. Brown's family has actually demanded that the policeman be terminated.

    While Brown, a home health aide, was still in the health center in critical condition, Yolanda described him to The Supporter as \"the life of the event.\"

    \" He enjoys his family members, likes to laugh,\" she said, including that his smile \"Simply illuminate an area.\"

    Brown's attorney, David Haynes, hopes this brand-new legal action will not just bring Brown some closure, but additionally that it will certainly result in considerable adjustments in the Spotsylvania Authorities Department.

    \" Isiah Brown's life will certainly never coincide after his tragic encounter with David Turbyfill,\" Haynes told ABC News. \"Our hope is that this lawsuit will certainly offer an action of justice for Mr. Brown as well as force the Spotsylvania Authorities Department to improve their training and also upgrade their policies and treatments to ensure that this never ever occurs to another individual.\"