Does the bible 'actually' claim being gay is wrong?

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  • Does the bible 'actually' claim being gay is wrong?
  • Does the bible 'actually' claim being gay is wrong?

    Reverend Steven Kindle, Clergy United:\" In this specific one, it's Leviticus Chapter 20, Verse 13, it states if a guy lies with a man as with a lady, both of themhave devoted an abomination, they will be nailed to a cross, theirblood is upon them-- if you check out the Bible on a face value level, that checking out disregards a number of very important points: the firstone is simply a few verses before that Moses teaches in Leviticusthat it is a plague to consume shrimp ... is an abomination toeat a bunny.\" 6

    Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer:\" A few knowledgeables over and below it claims you should not plant twodifferent seeds in the same hole, you should not commingle yourcrops ... There is other message that claims you shouldn't wear linenand wool together. To simply choose, this is the one that we' regoing to follow ... the Scriptures doesn't come that way-- it' sselective reading ... Those Biblical laws, they're called theHoliness Code. They were legislations that were expected to aid people atthat time discover holiness in their lives.\"

    Reverend Susan Triggers, American Baptist Church:\" To me that's the crucial thing to identify: the historicalcontext in which this was composed. That certain area on a mannot existing with a male goes to procreation. It has to do with a nationtrying to expand. At the time, the Hebrew individuals understood that maleseed was really all of inceptive life contained right there-- ladies had absolutely nothing to do with actually the birth except for justincubation, to ensure that particular section had to do with conserving seed, saving seed just to procreateso the nation can expand.\"

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