New York Set to Shut Jail Device for Gays

When enhanced infections were tracked back to gay bars in Seoul-- the result of a couple of negligent people-- traditionalists sought to condemn the entire LGBT community.

  • The Gay Scene in Seoul
  • New York Set to Shut Jail Device for Gays
  • The Gay Scene in Seoul

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    New York Set to Shut Jail Device for Gays

    For at least three years, gay as well as transgender prisoners had their very own real estate unit inside Rikers Island's expansive jail facility. To be confessed, all a brand-new inmate needed to do was declare homosexuality, or appear to be transgender, as well as ask to be shut out of Rikers's primary prisons.

    The suggestion, city modification officials said, was to secure susceptible inmates who could otherwise end up being victims of discrimination or sexual abuse in the rough world of the general inmate population. The only other municipal jail to different gay and transgender inmates is Los Angeles County Jail. Gay prisoners there, nevertheless, are forced to live separately from various other prisoners.

    Yet at Rikers Island, gay housing, as it is called by New York modification officials, will end. On Nov. 28, the Modification Department stopped admitting new inmates to the device. In a couple of weeks, the unit, which still holds about 50 individuals, will certainly be no longer.

    Under the new policies, gay or transgender inmates who want protection from general-population prisoners should obtain it in an unique hearing, correction authorities said. If approved, the protective wardship requires prisoners to be kept in specific cells for 23 hrs a day, equally as inmates punished for disciplinary reasons are held.

    Though initially meant to advertise safety and security, gay housing became a hazardous wing at Rikers since it blended weaker inmates looking for protection with violence-prone inmates looking for to exploit them, Mr. Horn said. Some inmates that were not gay, he added, would certainly request to be placed in the system as a means to avoid their enemies in the basic population, or to make use of a group they regarded as weak.

    \" It was the only location of the department where inmates might select where they intended to live,\" regardless of the protection classification each prisoner receives upon entering the prison system, Mr. Horn stated in a meeting. \"What we wound up with was this housing unit where individuals were predacious as well as people were prone. The very units that should be one of the most safe, actually, had actually become the least secure.\"

    \" This is not a change for the benefit of the detainees, this is an adjustment for the advantage of the administration,\" said Carrie Davis, a social worker at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and also Transgender Community Center in New York, whose customers include former Rikers prisoners. \"What they're stating is, people that because of immutable physical features are going to be put in 23-hour lockdown,\" she included. \"Does that audio reasonable?\"

    Thomas Antenen, a spokesman for the Adjustment Division, stated that department attorneys thought the 1982 situation was different since it included a blanket policy for protective-custody inmates. New York City City, he stated, assigns protective custody situation by case. Hildy J. Simmons, the board's chairwoman, did not return calls seeking comment the other day.

    Matt Foreman, the executive director of the National Gay and also Lesbian Job Force, claimed his organization and about 15 others were looking for a conference with Mr. Horn to find up with an alternate method of dividing susceptible gay or transgender prisoners. \"Our hope is that this decision can be modified dramatically,\" Mr. Foreman claimed.