HGTV Was Stressed Target Market Might Think Benham Brothers Were Gay

  • HGTV Was Stressed Target Market Might Think Benham Brothers Were Gay
  • HGTV Was Stressed Target Market Might Think Benham Brothers Were Gay

    Hours after terminating a reality reveal about 2 siblings running an effective house-flipping company, HGTV revealed that the actual reason for the termination had nothing to do with discoveries that the siblings, David and Jason Benham, were virulently homophobic.

    \" We have actually chosen to terminate 'Flip It Forward' due to the fact that David as well as Jason Benham just look so unbelievably gay,\" stated Chip Fordew, an HGTV spokesperson. \"Plus, they resemble they're together. And also, by together, I mean that they have sex, trade off turns on the Pec Deck, most likely to Tulum at Xmas, as well as are adopting a child.\"

    He mentioned that, while the network does have an incredibly popular show called \"Home Brothers,\" also starring two brothers, it's various. \"They're more into improvement than sales,\" Fordew stated. \"Likewise, they do not look like a gay couple.\"

    Fordew worried that HGTV has no problem with featuring gay male couples, as well as pointed out that numerous members of the L.G.B.T. neighborhood became part of the network's personnel, shows, as well as target market. The issue with \"Turn It Ahead,\" Fordew said, was among complication. \"People don't necessarily enjoy HGTV shows from starting to end. They listen and out while they're doing other things. And we visualized our audience instantly looking up at the television and also being like, 'Whoa. Those 2 gay individuals are hot. How come they never take their tee shirts off?' 'Exactly how come they never drink Negronis throughout the day?' 'How come, when that one damaged his arm, he just took Advil and his partner never ever started yelling at him, \"Why really did not you make them create you a prescription for Fentanyl ?!\" & # 8217 'Additionally, that are those chicks caring for their children free of charge? As well as why are they constantly pregnant?' \"

    There was also the problem of billboards as well as advertising and marketing. \"We examined a couple of,\" said Fordew. \"Every person resembled, 'We're excited concerning that new show with that said warm gay couple who look specifically like each various other! When do they remove their t-shirts?' \"

    Inquired about a report that the Benham bros, when called in your home and also informed that HGTV would not be going forward with their show, began to suggest about which of them looked more \"much more gay,\" Fordew declined to comment.