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    Gay bear research studies all have actually been done by Western researchers and entail Western populaces. Comparable researches on non-Western cultures are lacking. Preliminary measurable and also qualitative researches were embarked on to explore Chinese gay bears' physical and psychological qualities, along with personal demands connected to as well as cultural point of views on Chinese gay bear identity. Quantitative information (N = 646) suggest Chinese gay-bear-identified men, as contrasted to non-gay-bear-identified gay guys, are heavier, hairier, as well as a lot more masculine attributes, as well as have a greater likelihood of feeling much more positive in gay bear area life than in the heterosexual globe. Qualitative information (N = 12) found Chinese gay bears wanted to come to be preferred, attain greater status, as well as gain psychological attachment in gay bear area. Discussion covers cultural aspects consisting of collectivism, binarism, and exam-oriented education.

    Keywords: gay bears, Chinese gay communities, physical look, manliness, self-confidence, collectivism

    \" Gay bear\" is a subcultural identity in gay area as well as includes the matching of \"bear\" worth versus more mainstream standards of gay male appeal (Moskowitz, Turrubiates, Lozano, and Hajek, 2013). There are lots of gay bear subtypes including Grizzly Bear (referring to White, hairier, and also much heavier gay male figures), Big Teddy Bear (a larger Grizzly Bear), Cub (a more youthful, unshaven, as well as little much heavier gay man), Polar Bear (an older Grizzly Bear as well as a lover of Cubs), as well as ethnically inflected gay bears such as Black Bear (African-American descent) as well as Brown Bear (Latin descent) (Monaghan, 2005). One quantitative study revealed gay bears had larger, much shorter, and also hairier physical characteristics, had lower selfesteem, and also a lot more obvious masculine psychological traits (Moskowitz, Turrubiates, Lozano, and also Hajek, 2013). Nonetheless, all gay bear researches have been done by Western researchers as well as consisted of North American as well as European subjects (Gough and Flanders, 2009; Hennen, 2005; Manley, Levitt, as well as Mosher, 2007; Monaghan, 2005; Moskowitz, Turrubiates, Lozano, and also Hajek, 2013; Suresha, 2002; Wright, 1997). Whereas Moskowitz, Turrubiates, Lozano and Hajek (2013) reference Panda Bears, defined as Asian, hairy and also larger gay males, the term was used in reference to Asian-American, not Asian, gay males. Asian-American are birthed, raised, or received education in the united state (Lew, 2006), so their gay bear meanings, recognitions, and bear-lover positionings may vary from those of Oriental gay males. No study of Oriental gay bears was run into in ...

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