Fonds AM1675 - BC Gay as well as Lesbian Archives

Although gay marital relationship is legal in the US, Indian-American pairs struggle to find priests to marry them.

  • Gay, Wedded as well as Lawful
  • Fonds AM1675 - BC Gay as well as Lesbian Archives
  • Gay, Wedded as well as Lawful

    As same-sex marriage becomes regulation in England and Wales can Londoners John Coffey and Bernardo Marti win the race to be the very first pair to celebrate a marriage. As they prepare for their wedding day they assess the dark background of equality.

    John Coffey and also Bernardo Marti's wedding event places them on a lawful par with married heterosexuals in every means.

    We adhere to the pair that the documents have actually called 'the poster children of gay marital relationship,' in the added to their wedding day.

    Yet their wedding would certainly have been unimaginable simply 50 years ago. The social adjustments making it possible for homosexuals to come out from the margins of culture have a long and also dark background.

    Via the individual testament of older gay men and also lesbians, we additionally reveal just how hundreds were locked up, endangered with electrical shock treatment as well as even tortured in a quote to free society of what many believed was a criminal activity against nature.

    See a brief film regarding John and also Bernardo on the BBC News web site as they prepare for their special day.

    Fonds AM1675 - BC Gay as well as Lesbian Archives

    The BC Gay as well as Lesbian Archives was established in 1976 and created and maintained by Ron Dutton in his residence. Dutton donated the collection to the City of Vancouver Archives in February 2018.

    Collection contains textual documents (mainly textual ephemera), regulars, photographs, posters, and also audiovisual products relating to LGBTQ2 areas in Vancouver and also British Columbia.

    As component of the BCGLA Image Identification Project, introduced in 2019, an on-line type has actually been created for researchers to send their own detailed details regarding the photos discovered in the BCGLA collection: The objective of the project is to boost discoverability and also accessibility to BCGLA pictures by requesting for aid in determining people, days, and areas.

    Includes ca. 7500 photographs, ca. 2000 posters, ca. 220 video clip recordings, as well as ca. 60 audio recordings