Radio Material in The Ballad of Gay Tony

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  • Radio Material in The Ballad of Gay Tony
  • Radio Material in The Ballad of Gay Tony

    Similar to The Lost and also Darned's included radio material, The Ballad of Gay Tony, an anecdotal pack for Grand Burglary Auto IV, includes over 40 music tracks for 3 existing terminals, in addition to additional segments for Stability 2.0, new DJ banter for the upgraded terminals and also new promotions.

    The DLC-updated radio material likewise plays in the original video game and also The Shed and Damned if The Ballad of Gay Tony is mounted, but acne can not determine any of the brand-new songs.

    Vladivostok FM, which typically organizes Eastern European music, is totally retooled right into a house music-oriented station with a various DJ, DJ Paul Martin, a British DJ that rotates live from Bahamas Mamas, replacing Ruslana.

    Electro-Choc, which initially holds electro home, is similarly customized into a nightclub-oriented terminal, focusing much more on fidget house and hip residence and having its DJ changed from Francois K to the Maisonette 9-based Crookers.

    K109 The Studio in The Ballad of Gay Tony preserves its nightclub layout and also DJ, Karl Lagerfeld, just consisting of brand-new lines from Karl as well as brand-new songs tracks.

    Stability 2.0 sees the addition of brand-new sectors where Lazlow, signed up with by Jorge, his \"partner\", checks out the city's club culture, wandering to Bahamas Mamas and also Hercules.

    WKTT is offered a brand-new program, Conspire, a conspiracy theory theory-centered talk show with a phone-in layout where locals can air their point of views about various conspiracy-related topics, as well as a guest.