Bloodbath em balada gay \u00e9 o tiroteio mais mortal da hist\u00f3ria dos Estados Unidos

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  • Bloodbath em balada gay \u00e9 o tiroteio mais mortal da hist\u00f3ria dos Estados Unidos
  • Bald As Well As Under Thirty: Are You Gay Or Racist, Friend?
  • Bloodbath em balada gay \u00e9 o tiroteio mais mortal da hist\u00f3ria dos Estados Unidos

    O n\u00famero de mortos no ataque a tiros em uma balada gay em Orlando, na Fl\u00f3rida, na madrugada deste domingo (12) j\u00e1 faz do carnage o tiroteio mais temporal da hist\u00f3ria dos Estados Unidos-- superando o carnage de 2007 na Universidade de Virginia Technology, que deixou 32 mortos.

    At\u00e9 o momento, foram confirmadas 50 v\u00edtimas no ataque-- outras 53 est\u00e3o hospitalizadas. De acordo com as autoridades, algumas est\u00e3o em estado cr\u00edtico e passando por cirurgias. Estima-se em 320 o n\u00famero de pessoas dentro da casa noturna no momento em que os primeiros tiros foram efetuados.

    O prefeito de Orlando, Friend Dyer, declarou estado de emerg\u00eancia para toda a cidade, com o objetivo de \"permitir que os agentes da lei se concentrem na investiga\u00e7\u00e3o do tiroteio\".

    -- \u00c9 uma trag\u00e9dia de propor\u00e7\u00f5es inimagin\u00e1veis. Meu cora\u00e7\u00e3o est\u00e1 com as v\u00edtimas e suas fam\u00edlias. Mas n\u00f3s somos uma comunidade forte e resiliente.

    Mais tarde, o estado de emerg\u00eancia foi extendido para todo o Estado da Fl\u00f3rida pelo governador da regi\u00e3o.

    Obama destaca autoridades federais para ajudar em investiga\u00e7\u00e3o sobre ataque em Orlando

    A pol\u00edcia norte-americana identificou o atirador como Omar Saddiqui Mateen, de 29 anos. Ele trabalhava como seguran\u00e7a particular na regi\u00e3o da Fl\u00f3rida.

    Presidente da Subcomiss\u00e3o da C\u00e2mara de contraterrorismo e intelig\u00eancia dos EUA, Pete King afirmou que o atirador \u00e9 natural do Afeganist\u00e3o. No entanto, porta-voz da pol\u00edcia de Orlando afirmou que Mateen \u00e9 cidad\u00e3o americano.

    Um alto funcion\u00e1rio do FBI disse que havia indica\u00e7\u00f5es de que o atirador poderia ter liga\u00e7\u00f5es com militantes do grupo extremista Estado Isl\u00e2mico-- mas ressaltou que as investiga\u00e7\u00f5es ainda est\u00e3o em andamento.

    O pai do atirador afirmou \u00e0 rede de TV NBC News que um epis\u00f3dio recente pode ter sido usado pelo filho, Omar Seddique Mateen, de 29 anos, para escolher o neighborhood do ataque terrorista.

    Segundo Mir Seddique, o atirador se irritou ao ver um casal homossexual, no centro de Miami

    De acordo com o chefe de pol\u00edcia de Orlando, as autoridades responderam an um chamado de tiroteio na boate por volta das 2h da manh\u00e3 no hor\u00e1rio regional. Tiros foram trocados com o suspeito, que entrou na casa noturna e tomou frequentadores como ref\u00e9ns.

    Segundo a pol\u00edcia, por volta das 5h, foi tomada a decis\u00e3o de entrar na boate e resgatar os ref\u00e9ns. Novamente foram trocados tiros com o suspeito, que morreu no local.

    policial chegou a ser atingido no capacete, segundo informa\u00e7\u00f5es divulgadas no Twitter da pol\u00edcia de Orlando. Os feridos foram levados para os hospitais da cidade.

    A trag\u00e9dia aconteceu um dia depois da cantora Christina Grimmie ser assassinada em Orlando, enquanto assinava aut\u00f3grafos para os f\u00e3s. A pol\u00edcia descartou, por enquanto, rela\u00e7\u00e3o entre os dois criminal activities.

    Bald As Well As Under Thirty: Are You Gay Or Racist, Friend?

    I initially cut my head at 26 when I acknowledged that my receding hairline was unstoppable and increasing. In the year as well as a fifty percent since then, I have actually been the sufferer of continuous discrimination.

    Bald prejudice is usually a refined mask for a different breeze judgement, as lots of people presume that a male with a cut head is just one of 2 things: gay or racist.

    Cut heads are a prominent and also stereotypical appearance within two UK communities. Ask an associate to craft a mental picture of the kind of male that 'd sneer at an Indian doctor who had actually just conserved his life, object to the building and construction of a mosque in his residence town, or kick a black youth to fatality, the possibilities are your workmate will picture a male with a shaved head. Likewise, ask an associate to attract a male homosexual and the scrawled picture you'll obtain in return will likely be of a leather-draped skin-head with a moustache. How many times have you experienced a fictional TV drag queen manage a marvelous Dolly Parton wig to expose a pink, hairless, pate?

    If I'm worn an even from another location flamboyantly way (i.e. a patterned shirt), complete strangers frequently assume I'm gay. If, nevertheless, I'm worn uninteresting jeans as well as a plain Tee shirts, people assume I'm some EDL-loving criminal, particularly when I express my politically centrist point of views as well as get regarded as aggressively right wing by earnest Corbynistas.

    Men who shave their heads receive prejudice from both the socially liberal as well as the socially traditional, seeing us as a satanic force agent of something they hate.

    I'm neither a football-hooligan-turned-bouncer neither a gay male, and I find it intriguing exactly how these 2 groups, which are in several ways ideologically opposed, share such a striking icon. They share it because they both correspond a shaved head with popular maleness.

    There are two preferred (and also associated) misconceptions about male pattern baldness. You will certainly be familiar with them both.

    Both of these are enhanced by the hairless action heroes of trash cinema (your Vin Diesels and your Bruce Willisi), yet neither hold true.

    I can shoot down the first myth with a Wikipedia factlet: if any kind of hormone bears responsibility for male loss of hair, it would be dihydrotestosterone, not testosterone.

    The second myth I can disprove with personal experience: I am no more vital currently than I went to the beginning of my twenties. Actually, by some actions I'm significantly less virile, which's a typical effect old. On Facebook, I welcomed various other baldies to talk about the firmness, consistency as well as length of their erections, however not one replied. I think we can safely claim that there was no real potency to brag about.

    So, if being hairless is not a literal signifier of boosted maleness (i.e. harder, more powerful as well as harder in both body as well as c * ck), why has it acquired such a frustrating organization with notions of extreme maleness?

    A hairless head looks like the suggestion of an upright penis without the outside urethral meatus, as well as one would be foolish to deny that there are couple of points much more manly than a b * ner. It makes good sense for gay guys to fetishise the shaven head, as the defining attribute of a male homosexual is his eroticisation of the penis. For a fascistic criminal, though, the deification of the c * ck makes less sense, unless one subscribes to the sneering point of view that every homophobe is a repressed homosexual terrified of his own desires.

    What we can consider, though, is the reality that male pattern baldness impacts white males even more - as well as far earlier - than men of various other races. So are white power racists shaving their heads to draw attention to their race, specifically its physical defects?

    What else do gay males and also skinhead thugs have in common? Both groups appreciate putting on leather. Both teams arrange road ceremonies where they loudly clarify personal pride. The shaven head symbolizes two points in this context: masculinity and also brightness - you can not mistake ethnic background when there is a lot skin on show.

    Male pattern baldness is a white guy's disease, and white guys who identify as outside of the mainstream (be that through sexuality or extreme political ideas) often intend to draw extra focus to something that places them at the heart of our patriarchal, white-led, society: their ethnic background and also gender.

    As a matter of fact, thinking of male pattern baldness in regard to race, gender and also sexuality is making me ask yourself if I need to reassess the discrimination I've been whinging concerning ...

    Scott Manley Hadley blogs at This item becomes part of a series, various other pieces here.