Salzburg for Homosexuals: Gay as well as Lesbian Salzburg

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  • Salzburg for Homosexuals: Gay as well as Lesbian Salzburg
  • Salzburg for Homosexuals: Gay as well as Lesbian Salzburg

    In the past couple of years, the tourism mafia of Austria has actually found a new target team: Gay as well as lesbian visitors. Since then, the amount of advertising and marketing to this group of people has gradually increased - to a dubious level, considered that Austria is an extensively traditional nation.

    This has a basic reason: Several homosexual pairs on scenic tour are \"DINKs\" (Dual Earnings No Children) and also thus spend even more money than the average tourist. This makes gays and also lesbians attractive visitors for resorts, bars as well as stores, which have begun to establish \"custom-made\" deals for homosexuals.

    As well as this is specifically where we are getting upset: The tourist mafia acts as if the demands as well as interests of homosexual guests remained in some means basically various from the rest of Salzburg \u2032 s countless visitors. Have you ever before encounter a \"hetero-friedly resort\"? Seen a short article on \"Salzburg for Heteros\"? We haven \u2032 t, and also we think that a lot of possible visitors of Salzburg will find lots of helpful info on our web site regardless of their sexual preference.

    Certainly Salzburg has a gay scene - with a populace of 150,000 people, it would be instead odd if it hadn \u2032 t. Nevertheless, there are couple of bars that are clearly gay and they put on \u2032 t always target vacationers, but rather locals. For that reason, consider the complying with info to be primarily for those global gay people who pertain to Salzburg for a longer time period as well as search for call points.

    The \"2-Stein\" (talk: Zweistein) next to Resort Stein right at the conference area of Steingasse and also Linzergasse is the front runner of Salzburg gayness. Unlimited bumfun was additionally guaranteed by a number of other bars that have come and gone around the area of Gst\u00e4ttengasse over the course of years, however none of them has actually left a lot of an impact. The Princess Bar in the Priesterhausgasse (\" Clergyman \u2032 s House Lane\") is one more enduring gay place.

    Gay pleasant bars are shown by rainbow flags at the doors, similar to elsewhere worldwide. The Rosenh\u00fcgel just at the entrance location of the Mirabell Gardens is a gay meeting area in the late nights, going back to the moment when homosexuality was forbidden and confined to the edge of culture (or the Mirabell Gardens).

    If you occur to remain in Salzburg for a longer time period, you could be interested in mosting likely to the HOSI, a gay, lesbian and also transsexual association that runs an info centre at Gabelsbergerstra e 22, not far from the main station. The HOSI arranges gay celebrations four times a year in the ARGE Kultur in Nonntal.