Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th August 2014 Composed Episode Update

  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th August 2014 Composed Episode Update
  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th August 2014 Composed Episode Update

    Raj loads his points, while Avni weeps embracing her teddy. He chats on phone saying he has actually seen the area they will live, as well as will certainly locate a great job too. A guy comes to fulfill him and provides him the bag with entire money negotiated from the bank. He claims it seems you are going to make a large investment, Raj agrees that it is the biggest financial investment of my life. Avni was food preparation; Bhawna concerns ask why she is preparing everyone's favorite. She asks what it is all about. Sanvri claims she is making everyone's mood, but they won't work and also takes Bhawna along. Abhaas concerns kitchen area. He asks do not you have to prepare; Avni says I intend to make this particular day memorable. Abhaas says I wish to see you delighted at any cost. Every person appreciates the supper. Bauji asks is whatever ok. Sanvri claims he must ask Avni. Avni states she just wanted to prepare today. She serves the food, and informs Bhawna to rest. She says I am sorry I spoke out loud to you individuals, she asks them to forgive her as she likes them all. Bhawna wishes Arpita had not gone her home, she should be so pleased seeing her. Avni sobs as well as checks out the temple hoping to maintain her family satisfied in her absence. At night, Avni was watching her moms and dad's photo crying. Abhaas comes to ask that they will certainly have to go in a while. Avni claims it is alright. Akshit comes as well as asks what is alright. Abhaas says that he is choosing a drive as well as wanted her ahead along. Akshit says he needs to stay home and allow Avni sleep. Raj consumed with jiji's hands. Jija asks how he is consuming with her hand. He says he just wished to have food from her hand. Raj starts to leave claiming he has to go to gym. Jija asks who goes to health club after dish; he claims he needs to fulfill Ankit initially. Raj looks behind and assumes he isn't informing anything to them so that they do not have to endure anything when he is gone. Pooja holds his hand and asks him to tell her a story. He holds her hand and says your parents are much better story-tellers. He takes her assurance that she will certainly take care of her. Avni holds the bag; Sanvri knocks the door and also comes inside to copulate her. Avni hides the bag behind the drape and also concern bed. Raj wonders what if he didn't have to run in this manner. Somebody quits him when traveling, it was Akshit. Raj asks will he drop him someplace, as this place is deserted. Akshit sits in the automobile. Sanvri had actually maintained hand on Avni, which she removes slowly and also gets up. Abhaas fulfills her. She visits her maa papa and takes their true blessings while they were asleep. She then concerns Bauji and touches his feet as well. Akshit asks Raj where he is going so late. Raj claims that he is going for Jiju's event catering company. Akshit notifications cash in the automobile, Raj claims this is the cash for all the workers. Akshit fallen leaves. Abhaas and Avni were awaiting Raj outside the house. Abhaas feared had he altered his choice. Raj comes and also informs him he met Akshit. Abhaas asks are you both ready. He tells Avni to go somewhere far, as no one here can understand their love right here. She hugs him, he tells Raj to look after his sis. Avni thanks. He claims he can not do anything in return of her Raakhi's. He provides her sugary foods to remember their old days; they put them in each other's mouths. Raj ensures him he will keep Avni pleased. Abhaas provides Raj a phone to utilize. They leave. Sanvri states to Avni to obtain her water, as well as does not locate her in bed. She gets up trying to find Avni in your house. Akshit comes to ask what took place. She tells him Avni isn't in her area and goes to search in the yard. Akshit thinks about Raj and all the money.