The University Student Behind Viral 'God is Gay' Rhyme

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  • The University Student Behind Viral 'God is Gay' Rhyme
  • The University Student Behind Viral 'God is Gay' Rhyme

    Video of a bang verse performance by a twenty-year-old College of North Carolina drama pupil is going viral, with almost 70,000 sights on YouTube. The debatable title and message of his poem: \"God is gay.\"

    Elliot Darrow recognizes as a straight male and claims his identification as an \"out Christian\" drives his writing. Like many Christian millennials, Darrow does not currently go to church--\" more as a result of the mayhem that is university than anything else,\" he claims-- but he matured Presbyterian in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill area. Social issues make up the core of his verse portfolio, as well as the viral piece was just one of his initial to directly attend to his confidence.

    Darrow claims the suggestion began eighteen months ago when he asked yourself, what happens if God were gay? \"I directly believe that God is not a sexual being, however at the very same time, to make a declaration, what happens if He were, was done in attempt to reveal individuals that also God, who all of us see as infallible, still has human characteristics, such as sexuality, or enjoys individuals of a particular sex or identity,\" Darrow claims.

    He after that checked out Biblical flows to discover exactly how the church ought to check out the gay neighborhood. \"I have actually seen so many people, in my mind, abuse the Bible to teach not necessarily disgust, but simply lack of knowledge toward people that are of other choices,\" he says. \"I wish to reveal that despite exactly how a person identifies, God wishes to love them, as well as God does like them. The very best way I've located to do that is to use the Bible, to use teachings that I have been instructed.\"

    The rhyme is a dynamic job of gay liberation faith. Darrow use Scriptures passages to test conventional sights about God: \"In the starting God produced the heavens and also the earth\/ and also it wasn't just excellent, it was incredible\" as well as \"Keep in mind Jesus had 2 daddies and also ended up simply fine\/ In fact, Jesus had 2 daddies and also a surrogate mom\/ That never had sex with either of them\/ Maybe Mary was a lesbian.\"

    One of the most powerful moment comes when Darrow interprets the traditional Biblical tale of Moses as well as the burning bush. In guide of Exodus, Moses is seeing sheep in the desert when he sees a shrub on fire but not burning up. Then an angel speaks to him from inside the fire and tells him to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. God then frees the people, whom society subjugated, from oppression. Right here's how Darrow sees the passage:

    \" A history lesson: A faggot is a package of sticks\/ Originally made use of as kindling for fires that swallowed up gays\/ When they were melted at the stake, people were firewood\/ Yet Moses encountered wood on fire and saw God in it\/ What is a burning bush however packages of branches\/ Ablaze, isn't it funny how faggots and God can look the same occasionally?\"

    Darrow wishes that Scriptural messages like his can counter anti-gay groups like Westboro Baptist Church. Among his own greatest influences, he says, is the pastor emeritus of his house church, Rev. Haywood Holderness of Westminster Presbyterian in Durham. Also as a young kid, Darrow bears in mind listening to Holderness' preachings and heeding his repeated message that God is a caring being. \"I have actually always had such a caring partnership with the church,\" he claims. \"All individuals need to be managed that, despite their alignment, their creed, sex.\"