Certainly I'm not gay

  • Certainly I'm not gay
  • Certainly I'm not gay

    Actually this individual as well as the individual being \"catfished\" tricked MTV. They actually knew each various other and he has a YouTube network making rants as well as he made a couple of videos regarding Catfish. Pretty fascinating and I still believe he is absolutely nuts.

    I'm actually eliminated to hear this. A close friend revealed me this episode and we both concurred this guy is going to be a serial killer. Below's the video clip where he talks about it, you can barely right here what he's stating over his tv as well as loud ass chair. Seriously his chair seems like a medieval castle door. bear-magazine.com

    I actually figured that either the program itself was fake with all the circumstances being scripted, or it was this episode in particular was scripted; this guy had way too many great one liners.

    I was watching this show with a buddy as soon as as well as we just couldn't stop poking fun at several of the bullshit he claimed. I think there was one point where the two people asked him what he normally does and also his response was somewhere along the lines of \"I look like a mess and also I cope with my mama what do you believe?\". That's probably not verbatim, however he was quite enjoyable.

    Oh give thanks to god. He really disturbed me. The episode regarding the Haitain lesbian girl was nuts also. Her associates spilled the beans concerning everything and she was like \"bear-magazine.com\"

    Omg thank you for publishing this. I bear in mind being incredibly worried for the safety and security of every person as quickly as this person started talking. So thankful it was an act.

    I knew it! I keep in mind viewing this as well as claiming there was something wrong concerning him. Like he was being unnecessarily remarkable and also like he was acting.

    I have actually constantly desired him to return and also lag even more catfishes. Simply to become their arch nemesis. He 'd resemble their Blowfeld.

    Pay attention, I'm not saying he's gay ... I'm simply saying he 'd hold a dick in his mouth till the swelling decreased. That's all.