The Gay as well as Lesbian Armenian Culture Praises Screenings of LGBT-Themed Movies at ARPA

  • The Gay as well as Lesbian Armenian Culture Praises Screenings of LGBT-Themed Movies at ARPA
  • The Gay as well as Lesbian Armenian Culture Praises Screenings of LGBT-Themed Movies at ARPA

    WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.-- The Gay as well as Lesbian Armenian Society (GALAS), a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that \"offers outreach and also advertise the equality of LGBTQ Armenians within the bigger community,\" released an op-ed applauding ARPA International Film Festival's screening of the films \"Pay attention to Me\" and \"Apricot Groves\" last weekend.

    The screenings happened after both movies, which consist of LGBT motifs, were reduced from the 2017 program for the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Movie Event in July. Lousine Shamamian, who authored the op-ed, upbraided organizers of the Golden Apricot in her letter for self-censoring their program, suggesting that when they did so, they \"wasted the chance to participate in one of the most meaningful customs of filmmaking: being a catalyzing force for social adjustment.\"

    The statement contrasted coordinators' censorship to the historic repression Armenians experienced as citizens of the Footrest Realm. \"As Armenians, we know all too well what it indicates to be censored,\" it reviewed. \"Having actually lived in our country of origin of Anatolia for many centuries, a lot of those as minorities ruled by unrelenting empires, we understand the fragile details of adjusting in order not to increase the ire of the dominant power.\"

    Though it shared some compassion for the coordinators' choice, specifying that \"the resistance from the broader Armenian neighborhood comes from centuries of needing to assimilate and also prevent being a target,\" it didn't elaborate on the more unavoidable danger of physical violence that those in the gay area face in Armenia.

    In 2016, gay rights supporter and PINK Armenia representative Kyle Khandikian reported for the Armenian Weekly that 86.6% of participants to a study in Armenia \"highly concur\" that homosexuality must be outlawed. The most well-known symptom of such negative attitudes took place in 2012, when Armine \"Tsomak\" Oganesova's bar, DO IT YOURSELF, was firebombed by a \"team of ultranationalists.\"

    Shamamian ended the statement by repeating GALAS's authorization of the screenings by ARPA organizers, hinting that the Golden Apricot Celebration can \"retrieve itself\" by adding both films on following year's lineup and \"celebrate the vital obligation of all Armenians to respect each other's humankind. We as an individuals require more films like these, not fewer.\"

    1. No LGBT propaganda whatsoever for youngsters in Armenia as well as Artsakh.2. No insane transgender washroom and also locker space things.3. No drag queens in Armenian schools (see Dragqueenstoryhour dot org) 4. No telling children that they can be any kind of sex they desire.5. No exact same sex marital relationship in Armenia.6. No homosexual books in Armenian colleges.6. No reasoning that even if the United States, Europe, and Israel are into this LGBT things that Armenia needs to as a result embrace it. Think, don't copy.7. Soros would like to ruin Armenian society with LGBT publicity.

    Far too late. Our church is \"running scared\" while foreign \"religions\" and \"ethical suitables\" are being imported to Armenia, the most awful part, headed by our really own diaspora. Just like taken place in the U.S.A., once the door cracks open, the 'social justice warrior' posse will certainly burst with in force eventually in the future, when the given culture's morals breaks down enough to a factor when no one will see, neither treatment. If among our leaders, establishments, or movements does not put a stop to this attack outright, every one of your worries, and worse, will come true at one factor in Armenia's future.

    For those that utilize God, Jesus, or Christianity as their reason to judge LGBT individuals: You do not own claim to religion or Christianity. Jesus did not evaluate his next-door neighbors. He craved OUR cumulative sins. Under Christianity, we are all sinners. Prior to you evaluate the spec in your next-door neighbor's eye, take a look at the plank in your own. The point of Christ had not been to sit as well as judge his next-door neighbors, yet to like and also treat your next-door neighbor as you would intend to be dealt with. Please do not hide your hate, reasoning, or absence of empathy under the guise of Christ or faith. If you are Christian, let this not obtain lost on you:

    James 4:11 -12 Brothers and also siblings, do not slam one another. Anybody who speaks against a bro or sis or judges them opposes the law and judges it. When you evaluate the regulation, you are not maintaining it, yet resting in judgment on it. There is only one Lawgiver and also Court, the one that is able to conserve as well as damage. Yet you-- who are you to judge your next-door neighbor?

    Usual tired technique or trying to use supposedly \"reverse psychology\". Are you a sibling or a sibling? According to the Holy bible passage, that is a fellow believer in God and also the Holy bible, not your typical day-to-day LQBTQYZ with a political program which you can secure of context any method you such as in order to fit your very own values. And if only God can 'evaluate' you, after that it is not you being evaluated, it is your activities. The concept of \"judgment\" is utilized time and again improperly to silence any criticism and also spin things about. You are thrilling no one here with your Bible knowledge.

    If you're gay, be gay in your very own privacy and also maintain your politics out of our country and culture. In western societies, homosexuals are not being oppressed, and this consists of even in semi-western ones like Armenia. But there is something to be claimed about those very same ones that have actually placed a standard spiritual culture under attack in order to help with a 'modification' that would satisfy their vision of a \"morality\" which simply happens to oppose the one they are attempting to transform. That's much better known as an invasion, strike and attack on our culture's standard values. You don't like it? Keep where you are and defend 'human rights'.

    ps: I will establish faith aside, as well as state that LGBTQYZ publicity happens to be a violation of Armenia's national protection in my view. Offering overwhelmed kids unnatural concepts can cause less Armenians being birthed in the future. Therefore, your publicity as well as political schedule is an attack on our society in even more means than one.

    It boggles my mind how this magazine is connected with the ARF yet promotes the gay agenda with audacity of contrasting it to Footrest injustice !! This is not the very first post either. There is no place for this in the Armenian country or Armenian diaspora. Obviously there must not be violence versus these people, but also, there need to not be promo of it which just assists corrupt culture specifically the impressionable youth-- which is the unbiased anyhow and also from outdoors sources. You shed my regard Armenian Weekly.

    Vartkes, How is Armenia mosting likely to be various from Azerbaijan, where LGBT are oppressed, if things you stated performed there? Grow up and also be civil please.

    Congratulations Lousine as well as shame on Harout and also Hagop for being colored in the wool haters as well as homophobes, they are no much better than the pashas that oppressed Armenians and other Christians just for that they were.Christopher

    Just because they disagree with your variation culture you quickly contrast them to genocidal pashas? What degree of intelligence is that? Harout and also Hagop have valid issues whether you like to hear it or not, so don't impose your western perfects on a conventional culture that requires to go through it's own social advancement without outdoors stress. Armenia is in a life as well as fatality struggle between two genocidal neighbors and also all you and also other diasporans can worry on your own with is exactly how to push LGBT legal rights in the nation? Avoid of Armenia