Addicted to shemales. Am i gay?

  • Addicted to shemales. Am i gay?
  • Addicted to shemales. Am i gay?

    im a 25 years of age man. i love women and also im additionally drew in towards shemales. I will just jack off if the shemale has a womanly appearance and components. i jerk off with shemale porn. but i also like straight pornography. i nvr watch gay stuff cz i find it way beyond disguisting. i love only the feminine part. i can nvr ever consider guy stuff.i am i gay? kindly help.

    i am likewise gladly wed. love ladies like my other half. Boobs and butts are outstanding. but boobs, butt and a penis. omg. i to was perplexed concerning my sexuality. i went as far as to sext a guy to see if i was brought in to men. via that i recognize now im not drawn in to males. i love the women body. its one of the most gorgeous thing on the planet. my wife caught me she discovered the e-mails. she currently beleives im gay and also im mosting likely to leave her for a male. Sorry for the rant. the globe is mosting likely to tell you your gay. what remains in your heart in the only response you need

    I spruce up as a lady an watch shemale pornography all the time an I'm married to yet I delight in sprucing up. Am I gay

    I assume only you can answer that I know I do very same point An my other half call me gay child gets mad when I wear her things an I enjoy shemale pornography so it's up to you would certainly u have sex with a shemale if no one brand-new

    I am a straight guy. One evening I was waiting for a taxi home after an evening out. There was a woman and myself waiting. I asked where she was going and also we were close so provided to share. I required up going home with her, lots of kissing and groping. When we went upstairs she stated \"I have to alert you, I'm transitioning, I have a penis\". I said f ** k it as well as went upstairs with her anyhow. We had a fantastic time. We were at it for hrs and also by the end of night I did give her oral as well as I let her permeate me. I have say I had a truly actually great time with her. I would certainly select an additional T-Girl, yet I'm not brought in to guys in the least. I asked her about this as well as she says I'm not gay. I'm brought in to her as she is really feminine. The factor I gave her oral as well as let her penetrate me is since I really felt comfy with her. Not him !! Her, that being the hey word.

    Yea man me also and I hate gay pornography it makes me so ill yet she male kinda turns me one as well as o feel like it ain't gay companion cuz its a f ***** g female

    not all cross cabinets are gay. To some it is fetish. BTW, I am not gay neither am I a CD. I simply enjoy a lot of docudramas (my euphemism for Porn). Every little thing other than Gay porn.

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