Eric is gay, best?

The brand-new tome functions stunning imagery of Rhein and his AIDS-era friends and also lovers, some of whom are no more with us.

  • Eric is gay, best?
  • Eric is gay, best?

    I believed this was developed the minute he informed Larissa she was acting like Dolly Parton in her elegant bathrobe.

    It does if were made to think that he and also Larissa are head over heels in love as well as fucking like teenagers

    This. That cares if he is or isnt. Perhaps he is Bi. Perhaps he doesn't see any sex as well as just enjoys the person. Potentially suching as prick as well does not make him totally gay.

    However why keep beating this like its a dead equine. I understand its our uncensored sub but damn the number of brand-new posts we need to ask this very same question.

    Undoubtedly whatever he is or isn't larissa is great with it. Maybe hes simply truly feminine like coltee. Possibly coltee likes to allow guys with large dicks fuck his moobs however likes women more. Maybe Tim has appreciated a couple of circle jerks yet again isn't gay as well as suches as females ... What we call all settle on is that theyre all warm messes, sucking what little bit 15 seconds of popularity they can get dry, and that its entertaining.

    Yes I assume so honestly. Nothing wrong with it if he is but all the incorrect if hes utilizing Larissa as his beard as well as she has no idea.

    People get actual testy and defensive. Ive needed to say its only a concern numerous times. Some people need to lighten up