I am a gay guy that has copulated 50 straight guys, AMA

Information analysis suggests that about 5 percent of American men are gay, numerous whom are not out.

  • I am a gay guy that has copulated 50 straight guys, AMA
  • I am a gay guy that has copulated 50 straight guys, AMA

    I've had a little a proclivity for straight guys since my initial crush, and also it's become a pastime to attract them into bed with me. Some like it and also come back for more, some quit mid-way, some don't even obtain their trousers off before they change their mind. AMA.

    I'm a straight girl that has slept with 50 gay men. Some love it as well as return for even more, however they're completely not bi.

    I actually highlight the twink point. I'm pretty twinky looking anyhow, extremely slim as well as I have actually never had much in the means of body hair, so it does not take much effort for me. I tease a great deal and make it recognized that if they ever want to experiment I'm very discreet and eager and after that just wait. At some point a great deal of people will take me up on the offer.

    What was the decorum after all was said and also done? Like, did they feel embarassed, awkward, or did they return for more?

    Depends on the man. It's certainly not uncommon for them to simply obtain clothed as well as leave, all very uncomfortable. Often they do come back for even more. My personal favorite is the man that, after we would certainly just complete a full on sex marathon, laid back as well as remarked \"yeah, I'm definitely not gay.\"

    To paraphrase something Voltaire presumably stated, \"Try sodomy as soon as, as well as you're a thinker. More than as soon as, and also you're a sodomite.\"