I mosted likely to an all-boys boarding school for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA

  • I mosted likely to an all-boys boarding school for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA
  • I mosted likely to an all-boys boarding school for 4 years, as well as I'm gay. AMA

    After watching Pixar's 'It Improves' video clip, i assumed that maybe my tale may help somehow.

    I mosted likely to an all-boys boarding institution (concerning 300 students) for all 4 years of secondary school (' 93-' 97). I spent during concealing 'in the storage room', mostly from myself. I thought i was 'institutionalized', and that i would certainly like women when I mosted likely to university. It didn't take lengthy to find out I was wrong ...

    Ask me anything. I'll be as honest as possible. And to all you queer kids, I swear, IT GETS BETTER!

    EDIT: I wish to add that while it was hard for the first number of years, it had not been completely an unpleasant experience throughout.

    EDIT 2: I'm 31 and also living gladly in Brooklyn. I appeared months after graduating, as well as I've been living gladly since, but thanks for all the wonderful words.

    EDIT 3: wow! more preferred than i though it would certainly be! well, it's been 6 hours, and i have stuff to do. thx for all the fantastic concerns! i'll try to come by later on and also address any brand-new q's!

    As a homeless 17 year old gay youngster with roughly no cash, a handful of suicide attempts, as well as a failure to finance an university education and learning; I ask:

    well, kiddo, to be honest, it's probably going to be a battle for you for a while. now, i do not understand your situation, place, etc, yet there are a great deal of sources for 17-year-old homeless youngsters in NYC as well as around the country.

    i don't assume the gay part has anything to do with it ... why are you homeless? have you graduated senior high school?

    I made use of to be a dormitory counselor in an all boys boarding school. Trust me, most of the kids are a straight as you can get. That doesn't stop the freshmen and sophmores from having the occasional \"experiment\" naturally.

    All the hostility, the poundings, the name-calling, the suspicions, the hate - that all took place to me, too, from fifth grade with senior high school. In university, I reached make new friends that weren't clueing in off of the rumors and haters' antics, so it quit.

    At the time, I assumed it was just disgust due to the fact that I was so odd. It is the bullies' favored putdown, after all. In university, I discovered that a previous HS classmate actually thought it, and that's when I recognized just how it actually influenced me - had troubles getting dates, that made me a lot more afraid of ladies, which made me look gayer (I presume), etc

    that's horrible. i actually feel for children that have actually been through this and also aren't even gay. i'm not exactly sure i can envision what that's like ...

    On your first day of college was \"Hallelujah, It's Raining Male!\" playing over and also over in your head?

    i can't imagine it resembling Hallelujah. Envision being a straight male as well as going to an all militant-lesbian secondary school. Yeah, eye candy would certainly behave, till you recognize you're not mosting likely to be obtaining any kind of from 99% of the populace.

    What was just one of your worst moments while at school? Were particularly effeminate? How much did you choose a lady? How did it end?

    individuals calling me 'faggot', individuals pushing me in the halls, being called a 'freak'.

    after i appeared, oddly enough, i lastly had sex with a girl. it finished terribly, in what i now describe as 'the bad vaginal area experience of 1998'.

    Man, must have seriously sucked ... boarding schools are several of the most openly homophobic and hostile locations ever.

    I mosted likely to a boarding school, am quite small (yet straight) and I had the crap ripped out of me for some 5 years ...

    Think you had to want to battle in mud with all the various other rugby players to be a real male ...