( ThusKindlySheScatters) Is Qrow Gay or Mistralian? AMV

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  • ( ThusKindlySheScatters) Is Qrow Gay or Mistralian? AMV
  • ( ThusKindlySheScatters) Is Qrow Gay or Mistralian? AMV

    This is MAGNIFICIENT. Just excellent sick save this and also returned when i obtain a cost-free honor

    I'm surprised this is just obtaining uploaded here currently. This is most likely the most effective \"Gay Or European\" apology video I have actually seen in regards to editing, and also while I typically think personalities need to be, y' recognize, gay for BYG to use, the zoom-in on the TVTropes web page at the end still made for a rather amusing verdict. Altogether, 10\/10 AMV, even if I do not really ship Up for grabs.

    I feel like he might be bi. He discusses women a whole lot however I kinda shipped him and also Clover prior to he bit the dust

    I was questioning what this was from until the \"who's your boyfriend\". Certainly legally blonde

    I can't make a decision whether to slap or facepalm ... I have one hand as well few to do both.

    Had to go look up the track this apologies. This was hilarious and also divine cow, what precise movie modifying as well as lots of it. Excellent job!